Tempest Rising

Beating a dead horse

Or, Piñata Full of Spiders

2374955.jpgRevealed by the glowing arrow, the writhing mass of creatures dropped quickly toward the staircase. Boomah drank an infusion and slipped out of the chamber and Luix heaved a javelin at its bulk. It landed on the edge of the stone stair and its heavy mandibles crushed down on Kallius, nearly dropping the elf. The large mass of spiders crawling in, out and and around the creature spread out and menaced all about it.

At their urging, Boomah lobbed a fiery bomb into the group, destroying the mass of spiders and only doing limited damage to our heroes. But the beast survived, and its next blow sent Saerin to the ground. Dremahl used his divine powers to bring him back to consciousness, and Celeste worked to heal the group at large.

Kallius infused his blade with arcane power and stabbed deep with the electrified rapier. This rattled the creature but did not bring it down, and again its bite brought the ranger to the brink of death. But between bomb, blade and flail the undead horror was finally brought low.

The group searched the rest of the crumbling tower and were drawn by the one narrow window that had not been covered by the spiders. Kallius detected evocation magic obscured by some barrier, and Saerin and Boomah climbed up to investigate. They found a concealed cabinet holding four alchemical torches enchanted to burn in different colored flames. They also noted that the unobscured window faced directly toward the guard tower where they had recently rested. But they found no other evidence of whom right have placed these items here, as they were far newer than the Omaro occupation.

The group decided to search the out-bulidings while it was still light. They started at the crumbling stable half-submerged in sludge. Again the ranger and the goblin took the lead, supported by Luix. As they moved toward the stall, they saw a strange rippling in the mud, that burst up into a skeletal warhorse wearing ancient Omaro barding. It bit at Boomah as he tried to flee from the hated thing. The others closed the gap and tried to find gaps in the armored horror’s protection.

Boomah lobbed a bomb over them and again set them ablaze. But it softened it up enough that the northerner’s flail and the elves’ blades could break the skeletal beast and drop it back into the mud. Wearied and wounded by this ordeal, the group retreated back into the shrine of Aerin within the keep to rest another night.



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