Tempest Rising

Dead eyes

Or-- Faulty tower

649034.jpegThey took off through the swamp toward a watch tower that overlooked the Castle — where they believe the dragon is.

Our heroes set out to find their way to the watch tower that overlooked Bar Omaro. They were being watched by undead birds as they workload through the marsh, which was unsettling. They tried to kill one, and it proved tougher than they thought. When they applied real pressure (via fireball) it exploded into a swarm of smaller undead crows.

After that, they decided to let them be. And to take a more roundabout path to the tower.

Later, they were attacked by an undead crocodile lurking in a stream. It did not prove to be too much of challenge, but they got the feeling that someone — or something — was keeping an eye omniscience’s their progress.

When they reached the tower, nothing had really changed since they had been there in the winter. Leaving behind a door, they entered  through a gap in the tower’s wall. Inside they found a chamber heaped with the trappings of House Omaro. In the corner was a decaying female figure in ancient Omaro armor, with a cloth tied over its eyes. Boomah immediately recognized it as an effigy of Celeste and scurried over to look closer.

That is when a green mist of incorporeal faces rose up from the debris, shaking them and trying to drain their blood. The priests tried to channel at the undead horror, but quickly realized the area had an unholy blessing. Dremahl reversed that, while the others worked to dispatch the drocha swarm.

Meanwhile, something in the rafters above was firing web bolts down on them. Remembering the undead ettercaps that formerly commanded the place, Boomah rushed forward with a fire trail spell, burning the swarm and a number of webs dangling about.

Dremahl had cast Sunlight on his shield, and driven the creature out of the chamber, and Boomah was at the top of next stairs by himself. They braced themselves for a fight.



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