Tempest Rising

Enter the Dragon

Or, Is that a tail in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

formofthedragon02.jpgOur story opened in a darkened passage, our heroes fresh for defeating the oily black ooze and its zombified host. Realizing that the goal lay further ahead, they pushed forward.

Boomah scouted in front, following the stream of filth that came from deeper into the cliff. He quickly came upon a large open cave, and saw that the stream widened into a wide, low lake of the horrible slime. He also noted the signs of undeath hiding behind two piles of rubble. He lobbed a bomb and lit up the area, splashing two humanoid figures that were lying in wait.

He scampered back to the group and reported what he saw. They waited for a charge, which did not come. Boomah and Saerin chose to move forward. Saerin reached the chamber, and was attacked by lizardfolk ghast that was hiding around the bend. The other beast had been slithering in the water and rushed out at the ranger. Boomah was standing by, and lobbed a bomb at the foes.

Battle was joined, and the goblin was paralyzed the enemy. Luix and Kallius rushed up, and a herd of slime-covered zombies came shambling in to join the fight. Our heroes were clustered tight, and when the felled zombies exploded in filth allies were harmed.

Slowly the mindless zombies were being overcome, and our heroes were gaining advantage. Another fiery bomb struck four of the foes, and things were looking bright. But then, a blood-curdling howl echoed around the chamber and a fearsome bugbear ghast showed himself on a pile of rubble.

He and his ghoulish companion charged Saerin. He quickly fell to their combined attacks. At the far end of the passage, a ball of flame burst into existence. Boomah got excited to ‘play’ with it and ran down the passage to get a closer look. When he got there, he noticed a ghoul rushing toward him and another undead figure in the shadows.

The ghoul attacked while the ball rolled forward in an attempt to block the passage. The goblin looked up, and the shadowy figure’s large serpentine eyes staring at him. He shook off the compulsion, and fired a bomb at him, to no affect.

Kallius cast mirror image to confuse his enemies, and engage the massive bugbear. The beast managed to pierce the veil and struck the magus. Kallius danced to the side, but the enemies’ followed on his heels to flank him. Again, the creature’s morningstar bore down, bypassing the illusion and sending the elf crashing to the cave floor.

Dremahl rushed into the cave and stabilized his failed ally. Celeste channeled her divine power to help bring him back to the light.

Boomah decided that this was not a fight for him, and ran back to the group. Luis and Saerin had taken out the remaining enemies and only had the ghastly bugbear to destroy. It fought fiercely, but in the end the northerner’s flail shattered the animated corpse and returned it to the earth.

They turned to Boomah’s threat and Saerin dropped the remaining ghoul. Leaving only the shadowy figure with hypnotic eyes.

Before it could react, Boomah launched an alchemical loogie at the creatures feet, and stuck it in place. Seeing the group beginning to move against it, the undead bugbear clutched a tooth around its neck. While the party stood in surprise, it began to shift and change.

It let out a roar as wings and a tail burst out from its torso, and ghast transformed into a dragon before their eyes.



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