Tempest Rising

Gobblin' Flesh

Or-- Stormseeker splits

027de3d63dd4dee5b44323c03944a3f9.jpegAfter the archon declared the tower free from enemies and vanished back from where he came, they searched the remainder of the ruins. In its topmost rafters they came upon a clutch of what looked to be eggs, but they did radiate any kind of life. But powerful dark magic.

Boomah threw a fiery bomb into the webs and the eggs burst, each releasing a wave of desecrating energy, but no enemies. They did not concern themselves with the desecration, and spent the night below.

In the pre-dawn darkness, the sound of chopping wood was heard across the forest. Saerin tried to pinpoint its location, but could only determine that it was parallel to the Omaro keep along one of the rivers that poured down from the hills.

Once the sun rose, they made their way toward the continued sound of chopping. Close to the river’s bank, they came upon two zombies attempting to chop down a tree. Saerin charged and quickly dispatched one of the horrors. The noise attracted the attention of others, and it quickly became obvious that several zombie loggers were nearby.

The group gathered in defense, and the area is exploded in lava and ash. This made is difficult to see and move, but everyone stumbled free of the area and did battle.

Above the fray flew the goblin witch Stormseeker, empowering the undead with dark energies. A number of ghastly goblins also emerged fro muddy hiding places, slashing the group with their claws.

Kallius sent a fireball into a group, and Boomah circled the area trailing flames, the zombies were falling fast. The ghosts proved more difficult, but could not stand long against the warriors. Boomah flew up to engage Stormseeker, and set her ablaze with a bomb.

She plummeted into the river to douse the flames, and Kallius rushed over catch her. She stayed underwater, ands tried to fell toward the keep. The magus cast dimension door and intercepted her flight, unleashing an empowered shocking grasp when she came close.

The electricity crackled and she went rigid, but then suddenly split into four versions of herself. Each one of these Stormseekers burst out of the stream and rushed off in a different direction.



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