Tempest Rising

Kill bugs dead

Or-- Raid

14988968.jpgWith the unearthly fog dissipated, our heroes searched for other dangers. Boomah, with his feet ablaze and wings flapping, moved into a chamber on the second floor. A voice from the darkness suggested he extinguish those pesky flames, and he obliged.

While the others came up the stairs to follow, one of the doors was ripped open and several odd spiders rushed out. They seemed to be the desiccated husks of giant spiders with each of their eyes burned out. Their attacks hit home but did not poison him in the usual manner. Instead, a cold deathly force tried to paralyze him.

Meanwhile, Saerin and Luix had been trying to climb through a gap in the ceiling to the second floor. Two more of the ghoulish spiders dropped from the shadows to menace them. Celeste summoned a hound archon to aid them, and Kallius took flight and entered the second floor through another gap.

Boomah rose up and tried to get out of the spider’s reach, and filled the area with choking smoke. The priests’ power kept Boomah fighting, while the warriors and the archon battled below. Hearing the tumult behind the door, Kallius turned invisible and opened it, revealing the goblin and his enemies. He stepped back and filled the chamber with a fireball, catching Boomah and Dremahl on the edge of his blast.

Then, he heard a voice from below suggesting he leave his blade and come down to the first floor, which he did.

With the nearby spiders immolated, Boomah saw one fleeing the area, and joining three others in the rafters of the ruined top floor.

While Luix and Saerin finished off their remaining enemies, Kallius flew down and was grabbed by another undead abomination — a spider-hybrid aranea that appeared to have been torn apart and then put back together. It also had its eyes burned out. The thing clawed at the magus and he could feel his life force being pulled out, but he shook off the dark magic. Using the gauntlet they found at the hunting lodge, he summoned a blade and drove it deep into the beast.

Above, Boomah followed the fleeing spider, and only to see heavy strands of web slipping out of a break in the wall. Choosing not to follow into such a tight space, he flew upo and forced his way out of a window on the top floor.

After being stabbed, the horrifying aranea stumbled backward to disappear into the shadows, and Kallius struck out a again. And when it vanished, it left several pieces behind. It reappeared on the other side of the wall, where the warriors and the archon had finished off the spiders, and they turned on it. By now the creature had suffered many wounds, and could not stand long.

From the window, Boomah saw the the remaining spiders scurry down the outside wall and disappear back into the building near the ground floor.

In fact, they crawled through a break in the wall and dropped down on Luix, Saerin, and the hound, who had been joined by Celeste and Dremahl. As the battle erupted again, Kallius and Boomah flew toward the fray. Reunited, the undead spiders could not hold against them and quickly fell.

With the last few seconds of its summons, Celeste sent the archon about the tower searching for more enemies. But it appeared that they were alone.



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