Tempest Rising

Let's make a deal

Or-- The devil, the dragon, or what's behind door #2?

contract.pngAfter the winged shadow past over the watch tower, Kallius dropped to the lower level to see if others were affected by its passing. They were not even aware of it, and the blinded goblin refused to even hear the magus out.

As they discussed what might follow from the shadow’s passing, they noted a deep red glowing in the upper reaches of the tower. They prepared for attack as the light grew in radiance and resolved into the form of a bearded devil.

They recognized it was one of the horrors they had released from the Mephitan ship, and demanded to know what brought it there.

They beast asked if they truly thought that it was coincidental that the dragon did not note their presence, and suggested that it was diabolic assistance that kept them alive.

And, it added, that assistance could be continued. They questioned its motives, and it said that the dragon was capturing souls that rightfully belonged it its masters, and they merely wanted to return the situation to its normal state. Kallius said that he wanted protection from the dragon’s fear power, and was willing to negotiate.

The bearded devil vanished, and it was replaced by a tall, well-dressed devilish figure. It explained that Kallius’ danger went far beyond fear, but that is was still willing to assist. The devil offered to remove his soul from his body (for its own safety) until the group could end the draconic threat that was facing the region. It would also provide assistance for the others to fight off the dragon fear.

This offer was also extended to Celeste, who refused it outright. The elf was intrigued, but when he heard that his soul would rendered to the Hells if he ever crossed the threshold of death, he had decline. Boomah, whose soul was rejected by the devil, was offered a ‘commission’ if he could help close the deal. Unfortunately, he could not move them.

Failing to reach an agreement, the devil offered to encourage our heroes’ efforts to defeat the dragons. He would continue to cloak their presence until the dawn after next. After that, the group would be on their own.

After dawn, the priests cured the blinded goblin and they set off toward the castle. They had to break through the perimeter set up by the undead crocodile and the skeletons, but they could not stand long against a rested and prepared party of heroes.

A short march through the marsh, and the party was in sight of Bar Omaro. The walls, in the sun, were strangely dark and shining, and the bodies of living humans could be seen staked out on the parapet.



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