Tempest Rising

Reptile Dysfunction

Or-- Getting that dead lizard up

194_Marrow_Chomper.jpegThe party moved to catch up with Kallius, and track down the several fleeing versions of Stormseeker. Boomah rocketed off after the nearest, and when he struck it with a fiery bomb it dissolved into nothing.

Meanwhile, Kallius was surprised to discover a corpse-like centipede crawling top his leg. It reached out to exposed flesh, and the elf could feel his life force being drained away from him. As others came near, they could not get a good shot at the small abomination as it crawled around him.

Boomah flew back to the river, and caught sight of a soaking wet Stormseeker hidden in the reeds by the bank. That was the3 last thing he saw, however, as he was struck blind by her magic

The others were brought up short by loud crashing in the jungle beyond. Then, two monstrous undead lizards burst into the clearing, each with a ghastly goblin harnessed on top.

They turned to face the new enemies, while Kallius delivered a shocking grasp to the centipede that curled around him, frying it.

The goblins lobbed javelins while the two lizards lumbered in to the attack. They were slower than they had been in life, but their claws and teeth were just was powerful.

Blinded Boomah landed safely, but the witch’s magical cackle put him to sleep. The others closed on her and soon she fell to the muddy earth.

One of the gigantic lizards had fallen to the warriors’ blows, when the other turned and fled. It moved surely through the jungle and cleared our heroes’ sought before they could mount a chase.

They stood over the fallen witch and several of her former shadow claw goblins, and considered their options.



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