Tempest Rising

Squeeze Play

Or-- Jam in a Jelly

dc705b7a64d47cc53124768903cde9ac.jpegOur heroes moved quickly from the wall into the mouth of the old Omaro mine. They made it only few steps inside before a fiery trap went off and filled the passage with hot ash and rocks.

Beyond that, they saw little signs of recent habitation. Even the ubiquitous black ooze that ran along the wall and floors seemed to have moved on. They moved through a few empty chambers, and were accosted by a trio of floating, bodiless heads. These undead horrors taunted our heroes, until they returned to the earth with a few well-placed arrows.

Boomah flew swiftly about, keeping an eye for danger. He soon discovered that the massive ooze that had been covering the outer wall had moved into the mine, and completely engulfed the entrance.

Rocketing in the other direction, he saw another massive ooze moving slowly down the other outer passage. Trapped between the two, Luix charged the first and found himself swallowed by the amorphous mass.

The rest of the group threw everything they had at the monster, but it was difficult to harm. Worse, it was drawing on the big warrior’s strength to heal itself.

Boomah kept the other ooze at bay by criss-crossing its path with flames. The black ooze then swallowed the ranger Saerin as well, doubling its healing. The remaining companions pounded away at the thing, slowly draining its power.

As the group’s stock of power was nearly drained, Kallius struck home with his ensorcelled blade and sapped the remaining force that held the creature together.

With another ooze at their backs, and castle yard of enemies before them, our heroes took stock of their options.



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