Telline of Lyss

Seraschal of Wytchport


233df5cfd733d5a627170a237ea2d46b.jpgTelline is compact and lithe, and her red hair is cropped severely. She wears her chain shirt and leathers nearly everywhere, and cuts quite a military figure for a woman just over five feet in height.


Little is known of Telline’s earlier days, but some of the old campaigners claim she was a camp follower for some of the free companies that used to roam the island. Regardless, she was in the camp of Lord Rustin ‘the Wyvern’ when it was overrun by invaders early in the battles for control of Malabar. The warriors were surprised by the pre-dawn attack and many were slain before they had a chance to even draw steel.

Surrounded by the carnage of the battle, Telline was ‘taken by the Lady’ and charged to the attack. Wearing Rustin’s helm and carrying his shield, it was said she carved a red path to the sea before the spirit of Lyss left her and she collapsed in the surf.

Following that day, she did all she could to recapture the fury of those moments. She founded and commanded the company of Flame Widows — female warriors committed to taking the battle to the enemy wherever they could be found. She roamed the length of Malabar during the war and was tested on many battlefields. Unlike many followers of the flameblade — and perhaps because of her womanhood — she proved to be a subtle commander, choosing the right moment to strike and tactics to best fit the situation.

She was rewarded for her valor and given command over the Serachle at Wytchport, although she does not see it as much of a reward. Balancing the needs of her flock and demands of her clergy is proving to be her hardest battle yet, and one she has little passion for.

Whenever possible she can be found sparring in the Oxenhold, or drinking with those few Flame Widows that followed her to Wytchport.

Telline of Lyss

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