Tempest Rising

One night in the valley
Or-- That bites

spiders.jpgFleeing the dragon. our heroes appeared at the head of Pale Mother’s vale as expected. Dremahl tried to remove the tracking from Kallius and Luix. He succeeded on the barbarian, but failed to purge the curse on the dragon. They would have to wait several hours for the chance to try again.

Looking around, they could see the area was teeming with the giant spiders known as Omaro’s orphans, and Boomah’s ‘spider sense’ determined that they were directed to be watchful, but could feel no greater intelligence nearby.

They moved into the valley and discovered that the entrance to the Sciao Siang’s cavern lab was covered in webs. Boomah asked the spiders, and they responded that it was a ‘no’ place.

The group considered options, and were leaning toward returning to the dwarves for assistance, but could not find a way to hide a dragon in a mine for more than a day.

Boomah teleported to the sigil nearest the coast town of Otterdam, and only stayed long enough to determine that the site was still there (but under mud), and not guarded.

At dawn they re-cast break enchantment and freed Kallius. They also did a Sending to Boomah’s mentor Ebn asking for advice. He said that dragons are not currently welcome, as a green one was ravaging the siege of Cyr Regus. He also said that the spidery witch Eika was gone. They reached out to her, who only responded ‘do not fear the venom.’ Then, a large black spider with shifting purple notches on its back scuttled onto their platform. It bit Boomah, and he collapsed.

Double dragon
Or-- Saved by the 'bell'

465914485-170667a.jpgWith enemies on the wing rushing toward their location, the spellcasters frantically completed as much preparation as they could. Dremahl then cast a break enchantment to remove the tracking magic that remained on him from the wild hunt hound’s bite.

When the blue dragon and his tengu guards arrived on the scene, Kallius rose to meet them with Dremahl, Luix and Boomah strapped to his back. The dragon asked for their surrender, which they not accept. Rebuked, it breathed electricity on them while the archers unload on the healer.

This forced Dreamhl to spend the round healing himself, and the others closed the gap to attack the dragon hand-to-hand. Once in range, they leave the dragon’s back and attack separately. Another volley of arrows targets the priest, and his consciousness slips away.

Meanwhile, the mighty dragon Verduous teleported right next of Celeste. She had just summoned a hound archon, who got crushed unsder the creature’s massive bulk as it breathed its noxious acid on the oracle.

The blue dragon tried to clutch Kallius in a sacrificial attempt to keep him from leaving, and the former elf does stay to crush the life out of his enemy. Dremahl gets stabilized and even withstands a couple more hits.

Celeste finished summoning a burlani azalea, and transformed into a light elemental. The dragon lunged toward her and cast a spell, and she felt a mysterious wave of necromantic energy wash over her. The azata rockets off and heals Dremahl, as the warriors take out the blue dragon and a couple more of its escort.

Kallius and company turn their backs on the bird men, and plunged down on the massive green dragon. Kallius dropped to the ground before Verduous, and Luix deftly leaps off his back and rolls into combat position. Dremahl is once again hanging limply from its straps.

The dragon used its miasma power to fill the ledge with its toxic breath. Kallius attacked, but his spell-enhancements could not break the dragon resistance, leaving only the physical damage. Worse yet, as he lands his powerful bite, fully half the damage is delivered to Celeste though a necromantic link between the two. Luix smashes the beast from its flank, delivering even more damage to the oracle. The dragon itself unleashed all its fury on Kallus, tearing at the smaller dragon with teeth, claws and wings. He still had a few mirror images up, but even with them diverting blows his life was peril.

Recognizing that fighting the dragon was going to kill Celeste long before Verduous itself, Boomah decides this battle cannot be won. He swoops through the dragons looming figure and touches his allies, shouting the command word that will transport them back to the Vale of the Pale Mother. Hopefully.

Dawn Patrol
Or-- Wake me uop before you go-go below -10.

Tengu_Acher.jpgOur heroes found themselves victorious, but trapped in the room with the fallen construct. Kallius used blink spells to phase through the wall, but could not find a way to reopen the passage. He did, however, hear enemy forces gathering in the forested level below.

Returning unsuccessful, they searched the entire chamber for an escape. Dremahl discovered the residue of fire damage where the doorway was, so they decided to apply some elemental power to it. The magical flame temporarily reopened the gate, and the quickly escaped.

They were feeling threatened and worn out, so they chose to leave the tower and find rest in the outside jungle. The landed on a ledge Hanover a source of fresh water and tried to find sleep.

The night was filled with activity in the tower, and at one point they saw a surge of power flash form the tower’s top.

At first light, they spotted the blue dragon and a flight of tegu guards gather atop the structure. The casters hurriedly began to prepare their new spells, but the bird-like enemies drew ever closer.

They seem to be flying out in a search pattern, and after roughly 40 minutes one flew over their location. It continued on a little distance, and then turned to return to the tower. Kallius, hovering invisibly high above it, plummeted and crushed the life out off it.

When the others came back to the tower, they noted the loss. So, a group of 11 tengu and the young blue took flight in their direction, high above the ground. The healers still had not completed their preparations, nor had the goblin. But the dragon Kallius was convinced that there was no more time to prepare…

Or-- This is my boom stick

48653170-ugly-king-of-insect-creatures-in-fire-concept-art-on-a-white-background.jpgOur heroes turned from their new-found loot to face the rune-engraved wall opposite them. Boomah had noted on their previous visit that there were four indentations set into the symbol at points that corresponded to a single element. They placed used elementally-attuned gems into these sockets — with one mishap on timing sending out a jolt of electricity — and the lines of the conjoined rune flared and lit up, and then vanished leaving a gap in the wall.

Inside, they saw what appeared to be the fiery staff ringed by lit braziers. Boomah used his enchanted lens, and noted life within the braziers. Also, somehow the staff was a construct. When they came close, legs folded out of the staff like a gigantic flaming praying mantis.

It leaped down and attacked, and the flames left their braziers, aiding the beast. Boomah used his watery sash’s power and transformed into a wave, extinguishing three wysps in one swoop.

The creature lashed out at Luix, using its claws to grasp the warrior and drag him close enough to tear at his head with its mandibles. Luckily for him, the priests stood behind and healed as quickly as he was damaged.

Boomah lobbed cold bombs, Kallius used his dragon attacks, and Luix smashed away with his flail. The creature was weakening, and one of the wysps flared up, giving its energy to heal it.

Seeng this, our heroes turned on the remaining fire wysps to ensure that would not happen again. Celeste retrieved her wand of fire extinguishing, and sent a hound archon to attack the construct.

In the end, a flurry of cold bomb hits extinguished its flame, and our heroes were victorious. The construct rattled to the floor as a magical adamantine staff.

The party had defeated the flaming construct, but were no closer to meeting their goal of collecting the Ordinal artifacts. With the green dragon sure to be seeking revenge, they had serious choices to make.

Spoils of War
Or-- Phat Lewt

Treasure.pngThe remaining cultist’s leader had offered to allow our heroes to escape this place without further injury, but this offer was only met with insults. Realizing this negotiation was at an impasse, the enemy launched a flight of arrows at the draconic Kallius.

Boomah filled the chamber with smoke to foil the archers, and battle was rejoined. Both sides were bloodied, and Kallius once again slipped unconscious, but in the end our heroes prevailed.

With no enemies immediately present, they set about investigating the dragon’s treasure. There they uncovered 307 pp, 5372 gp, 7641 sp, and 26089 cp. Mundane gemstones included Amber, Amethyst, 2 x Black Pearl, 2 x Chrysoberyl, Coral, Deep Blue Spinel, 2 x Garnets, Jasper, 2 x Jet, Milky Quartz, Onyx, 2 x Opal, Rose Quartz, Saltwater Pearl, Sapphire, 2 x Tourmaline.

Art Objects included a Platinum bowl with arcane engravings, a Platinum mask, Masterwork darkwood lute, an Ivory drinking horn with silver ends, a Silver cauldron with animal symbols, aSilver egg with dragon figurine, Gold flutem, a Marble idol, and Mithral hourglass with diamond dust.

Stones with magical properties included a Crimson sphere (1 competence bonus on knowledge (Geography). Pink rhomboid (1 bonus on Reflex saves), Pale Blue Rhomboid (2 enhancement bonus to Strength), Veined red ellipsoid (Orc ferocity) Dark Blue Flawed (2 competence bonus on Perception checks and a –1 penalty to initiative checks 300 gp)
Dull Gray (No powers), 3XEmerald Cracked (1 temporary hit point), Nacreous Gray Flawed: (Protects against the appearance of aging) Turquoise Cracked (+1 competence bonus on Ride checks)

Magic Items included: Agile Alpenstock. +1Buckler, Cap of Human Guise, Equestrain Belt +1 Heavy Flail, Potion of Cure Serious Wounds, Potion of Endure Elements (Cold), Potion of Fly, Potion of Protection from Electricity (5th), Potion of Remove Disease, Potion of Tongues, +1 Rapier, +1 Sap, Wand of Burning Hands, Wand of Gentle Repose, Wand of Mage Armor.

Fightus Interruptus
Or-- Why are my XP talking?

1e6cd1103478542c9616de483be7b1ef.jpgWhile our heroes were being harried by archers, three massive axewielders appeared from invisibility. While powerful, few of their blows landed. Boomah moved to disrupt the arrow fire
by dropping smoke bombs around, and Luix moved to threaten the dragon sorcerer.

He manage to escape the big northmen with a dimension door, and then wracked the group with chain lightning. Even Dremahl, who was mostly buried in the stone floor, was struck by the spell.

Celeste, currently under Sanctuary protection, added to the cover by casting an obscuring mist over the melee. Our heroes found the sorcerer floating over the great drop below, and focused their attacks on him. Kallius soared over and crushed the spellcaster in his teeth and claws.

Seeing their leader pended to pieces, one of the combatants tried to stop the fighting. He told the group that the dragon had gone and that their quest had failed. He said they would let the party leave unmolested if they gave up this futile battle immediately.

Our heroes seemed to have little interest in capitulating, but stopped the battle for a moment to consider…

Frosty Reception
Or-- Its all downhill from here

635875783838220106.jpegFollowing the demise of the Azata, our heroes passed through a Dimension Door to the top of the tower. There they were met by lines of cross-fire between the blue dragons firing from magically shadowed positions. Luix charged one and Kallius charged another, while Boomah tried to outflank and ended up charging an empty tower. The big northman felled the young dragon like a tree, and the magus tore his teeth deep into his foe.

A third dragon fired a shot at Boomah and fled through a gap into the darkness of the tower interior. Kallius and Dremahl shot after the escaping dragon, and saw the audience chamber 150 feet below. One man sat behind the dragon’s desk. With a flick of his wrist, they were suddenly in the middle of an acid cloud that burned and slowed their movement. Undaunted, Kallius cast mirror image and shield, then soared down to engage.

When they landed in the chamber, 8 archers materialized from invisibility and fired. The wizard struck them both with chain lightning. Leaving the priest on the ground, Kallius charged the strange wizard with his rapier. The archers turned their attention to Dremahl, forcing him to spend precious healing on himself.

Boomah picked up Celeste and Luix, and pushed through the acid cloud to join the fight. Lantern archons lit up the fray, and Luix plowed through some archers — making good use of his tripping skills.

The wizard stepped back and unleashed a cone of cold on Kallius, Dremahl and Boomah. The priest was felled, the dragon Kallius was on the brink of death, and the goblin was heavily injured by the torrent. Celeste rushed to bring the priest back into the light while the others tried to patch themselves up and stave off arrow strikes.

Dremahl — back among the living — healed whom he could and used his earth mace to sink into the safety of the stone floor. All but a few of the enemies still stand, and at least one blue dragon has not been seen since it escaped.

Lighting Strikes
Or-- Electric Blues

e681eb86a894c76c79ccd62e5c658f74--dragon-pics-dragon-art.jpgEditor’s Note: When our heroes arrived in the New World, Saerin was no longer among them. They were vaguely aware of his concerns about leaving family and loved ones in the midst of a war, and had felt him pull away from the teleportation circle at the last moment. Beyond that, they do not know where he has gone.

Boomah dropped down below the canopy and reported back to the group. They decided that the best action would be to wait until first light to attack, so they hunkered down and tried to ride out the night. Several times, they were aware of the flapping of great winds above, but nothing saw them as they hid in the jungle brush.

When dawn came, they broke their meager camp and set off for the green dragon’s tower. They were much less successful hiding their movements in the daylight, and it was not long before two streaks of lighting breath shot through their ranks. Boomah and Kallius took wing while the dragons lined up for another strike. The healers tried to patch the damage before the young dragons could attack again.

Kallius caught one of the beasts mid-air, and crushed the lid out of it with his jaws. Seeing that, the other fled back to the tower with greatest haste. Celeste had summoned a Bralani Azata, and sent it off to follow the escaping dragon.

The shining outsider rocketed off and nearly caught the fleeing beast before it could reach the tower. It was out of eyesight, but suddenly Celeste was aware that the summoned creature’s essence had been snuffed out on this plane.

3 Dog Night
Or-- Whelped to be Wild

Darkhound.jpgAs the dragon Kallius was invisibly leaving the village for the evening, he spotted two oversized hounds step from the shadows and begin sniffing around. He circled back to the Iron Anchor to warn his comrades, and the dogs moved closer — seemingly tracking something.

He regained his elvish form and walked through the common room, and warned the party that danger might be coming. He left, and they began to prepare a defense. By the time Kallius had gotten to the rear of the inn, he saw that one of the massive hounds was at the back door, with his friends just behind it.

He dropped down and struck the monster with a shilling grasp, but it seemed to absorb much of the blow. Now visible, the dog turned on its attacker.

Meanwhile, a second dog materialized through the leaded glass window of their bedchamber and caught Boomah by surprise. The goblin tried to flee, but was mangled by the mighty jaws of the wild hunt hound. It then turned on the ranger, tearing into the elf.

Kallius was struck from behind by a second dog. Outnumbered, he transformed back into a dragon and lashed out with his claws, teeth, tail and wings. But he was gravely wounded, and fell before their combined attack.

The healers had their work cut out for them, and the dogs showed no sign of slowing their attacks. Saerin broke the rear door open, allowing Dremahl to stave of Kallius early demise. Celeste used her powers more broadly, bestowing healing on them all, keeping the goblin from the brink.

Luix faced off against the hound inside, while Saerin and Kallius looks on the two outside. The dog stepped away from the big northman, and mauled Celeste where she stood.

One of the dogs managed to bite Dremahl as well, before falling before our heroes blades. One had stepped around the side of the building, and was seen peering through the glass, but when the warriors allowed it, there was nothing to be found.

They squeezed the dragon inside the inn and patched their wounds. Try as they might, the healers were unable to completely cure the biters the dogs left. Magical inspection revealed lingering magic in the wound. After a few failed experiments, Dremahl found a way to break the enchantment left of the bite, and healed the goblin.

They stated together, and rode out the night. In the morning, they cast the spell on the herbalist’s garden, and succeeded in teleporting back to the shadow of the green dragon’s tower.

They appeared at a watering hole where they had last seen the rat-man Digbo. There was no life of any size to be found, and the area looked scorched and barren. The lingering stench of chlorine led them to believe the dragons had visited this place, and meted out retribution on the creatures ands their water supply.

Rather than endanger them further, our heroes decided not to seek out the rat-men, but to turn their attention to Verduous tower. They could see no dust rising from the mine, nor could their hear any noise of labors. But the goblin did spot two large glittering blue shapes in the sky, proving that they were not alone.

Drag(on) King
Or--- Do these scales make me look fat?

dragronsblood.jpgOur heroes followed the gnome Fizbit to his giant tree lair that bordered the fey realm, and set about the ritual. This went on for several minutes, and there seemed to be some kind of struggle going on in Kallius’ mind, but in the end he followed through.

At the end of the process, the elf had been transformed into a large red dragon. Within the monstrous form, Kallius seemed to be unchanged. But only time will tell for sure.

The group decided that they would got after the green dragon and retrieve fiery artifact it hides. To do that, they need to get to the mainland, but Fizbit said he could not be a part of this plan to keep Lareth from finding them. So, they hatched a plan where the herbalist in Valder would ‘find’ a scroll of teleport, and sell it to the party.

Hiding Kallius’ new form behind illusions, the went into the village and talked to the herbalist. The man said that he did indeed come upon a chest of papers dug up by a forest gatherer that day. In addition to the teleport, it had neutralize poison and plant growth. He agreed to to trade the scroll in exchange for one of the party casting plant growth on his herb garden.

Only Saerin has the power to do this, and only if someone casts Owl’s Wisdom on him first. So, they decide to wait out the night. Unfortunately the inn is less than welcoming for huge red dragons, and Kallius had to sneak out for the evening.

As he was flying invisibly out of the village, he sees two large dogs step out from mysteriously spreading shadows and begin sniffing the ground.


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