Tempest Rising

Parselmouth Parley
Or -- Do lizards speak with forked tongues?

tumblr_m8qu2vvh2F1rwkhnro1_1280.jpgFollowing the battle with lizard pride, our heroes tied up the one survivor and kept watch while Saeren meditated to get the power to speak with it.

It struggled against its bonds, so Luix battered it with his flail until it was unconscious. Once the ranger was prepared, they revived the creature and demanded it tell them what it knew about recent events.

It was vicious and angry, but feared the ranger’s threats, so it talked. She told them that ‘gods’ had been delivering gifts to them because of their beauty and strength. These gods came out of the darkness— black, shiny and majestic. They rode steeds that were probably distantly related to the frilled lizards, but she did not know what they were.

The group had several theories about what this might mean, but were leaning toward the idea that it was tieflings hiding in the mines. They dispatched the wounded creature and made plans to move one

Realizing they would not be able to make it to the Cervo mine by sunset at this point, they chose to hunker down with the lizard corpses. The first watch was disturbed by the sounds of small creatures tearing apart and fighting over the carcasses, but nothing attacked the group.

The second watch followed suit, and when Boomah woke for the graveyard shift he immediately noticed torches burning up the hillside from where they were. No one else had seen them all night long. Worried, he put off prepping new bombs to circle the camp and keep any eye out.

He saw nothing, but sensed a strange skunky aroma he could not place. Again, he roused the party but no one else could even smell it.

In the morning they found more lizard tracks, similar in size but perhaps heavier. They were not able follow them anywhere, so they packed up for the mine.

By mid-morning they came across a side trail leading to some kind of collapsing building. A thin trail of smoke was coming from inside. They sneaked up the path. About 800 yards from the building, Boomah noticed breaks in the smoke line, and took it as a goblin signal. He warned everybody that there would probably be traps, and they started their advance on the ruined mine shaft.

Leaping Lizards
Or--How to get snakeskin boots wholesale

maxresdefault.jpgOur heroes were moderately successful at getting out o town in the morning. They bought supplies and picked up their wheeled canoes, and let Glitterpool before noon. But not before the heard tales o two local foragers that had gone out on a short foray but did not return.

As they picked their way up into the hills, the trail rapidly showed signs ailing maintenance. By mid-atenoon they rain started falling more consistently, obscuring the road even more. Boomah spotted a large clawed track in the roadside mud, but the group decided to press on.

Less than an hour later, Boomah found more tracks, this time it looked like something man-sized was dragged off the road. The chose to follow, but quickly lost sight of the dragging in the underbrush. But it was obvious that fairly large creatures had been frequenting this place.

They saw a clearing in the forest ahead, and decided to at least check it out. Peering across the space with the lens, they saw a creature larger than a horse lazing on a rock at the far side.

Boomah scouted ahead, and was soon surprised to see a large lizard crouched in the brush ahead paralleling his movements.

He quickly swallowed an infusion, as the creature turned and lunged out of the shadows at him, bellowing loudly and lashing colorful fins on either side of its ravening maw. It bore down on him and lashed out with teeth and claws.

The others heard the roar and took up the challenge. Luix, Dremahl, Celest and Saeren moved up, only to charged by another of the beasts from the forest. Its roar shook Saran’s resolve, but he did his best to keep up the fight.

Boomah has also shaken by the roaring beast, but managed to escape it. Dremahl used his restoring touch to boost their morale, and the warriors went toe to toe with the beasts.

Meanwhile, a third of the huge lizards appeared at the rear of the group. Menso quickly cast, and the beast almost immediately began to giggle. Once its started laughing in earnest, Kallius moved to charge his blade with electrical power. The mage turned on him, claiming this one was ‘his’. So the elf moved up to assist his friends.

As the lizards started to fall, the massive beast at the far side of the clearing roared. It slowly rose and began moving across the open grass, gaining speed. After some frantic healing, the warriors moved out to meet his charge.

Before the forces could meet, Menso appeared at the edge of the clearing with the last of the smaller lizards and threatened to kill it i the other continued. Unfortunately, this did not affect the actions o the massive leader who pounced on and crashed down on the big northerner. As it did, the lizard in Menso’s grasp shimmered and vanished.

Luix was being torn up by the lizard, and all his friends could do was help keep him standing. But in the end, one mighty crash of his flail he caved in the creature’s skull.

Suddenly all was quiet besides the steady all of the rain. Looking around the clearing, they found wooden stakes with leather ties on them in the grass. These were roughly the proper configuration to stake a human-sized victim to the ground, and he been placed here within the past week or so.

When they returned to the mage, they found him standing over a crippled lizard. He had sapped the creature of its strength, and was studying it. The group made a quick review o the creature, and put it out of its misery.

Then, their thoughts turned back to whatever lay within in the Vigla mine.

Talk of the Town
Or, the way to a Woman's heart is not through a goblin

DnD-5-party-at-the-tavern.jpgThe group conversed with Menso Ganto and swapped rounds of drinks. He told them that he was ‘curious’ about the activities in the hills, and what other people feared could provide opportunity for the brave. He mentioned that he would be interested in accompanying them to the Vigla mine is that was their destination. He also introduced them to the innkeeper Geira and helped arrange for their lodging in the rustic but well-kept Road’s End.

Boomah was enchanted by the ample and hospitable woman, and decided to sneak down after the others went to sleep and cook her a special treat. While he was putting the finishing touches on his goblin ‘cuisine’, he heard noises from the now-empty common room.

Sneaking out of the kitchen, he found the humans, a dwarf, and a halfling having a heated conversation in low tones. One, a human in rough workmen’s clothes, was urging the others to take action on something. The others dismissed his desires, and seemed to be blaming him for whatever problems they were discussing.

After catching their names, Boomah slinked back to the group’s chambers — after depositing his surprise at Geira’s doorway. In the morning he told the others what he heard. They set out to learn more, as high pitched screams from the servant’s wing made it clear that Boomah’s present was discovered.

Their first stop was the dry goods shop and warehouse run by Andolph Sanco. When they questioned him about the problems he wasted no time blaming the Noxians. He added that some people just refused to give up when good judgement tells them to. When he heard they were considering investigating the problems, he encouraged them and even offered a discount on supplies to help them along.

From there, they went to barrel wright’s to talk with Metisto. His shop was filled with strange experiments and unfinished projects. He told them they he had nothing to do with the Noxian engineers beyond helping them get their equipment to the mines. Somehow conversation turned to canoes, and in the end he agreed to mount wheels on their canoes for transport up into the hills. He told that it could be done in a day, as his regular work had dried over lacks of commerce.

Their next stop was the fresh market. They encountered a couple of hunters who shared more rumors about what was stalking the high country. They said that some kind of large predator was definitely shaking up the environment, but whatever it was left no bodies or obvious debris behind. The only native creature they could think of were the massive frilled lizards, but that they were opportunistic hunters and not normally aggressive.

‘Lean’ Iam, the halfling who seemed to run the market as well the village’s small fishing fleet blamed it on something left behind by the tie fling invaders. He claimed there was no end to the horrors those outsiders brought with them. He also had faith that the panic would pass, and business would flow again soon.

Afterward, they decided to be thorough and go talk to the last member of the midnight council — a dwarves smelter named Huut. His forges were cold and things were very quiet. He had little to add about the mine disaster but did offer to buy samples of rock that the engineers were trying to bore through.

After a day of shopping and interrogating townsfolk, our heroes returned to the Road’s End to rest, hoping to set out the next day.

Two days in the valley
Or, Steamboat willy-nilly

inn_by_ideljenny-d5pjzzl.jpgOur heroes dug through the gore-splattered hole left behind by Grandfather Tree, and determined that it had been devouring humanoids for years. A few layers down they came upon an elven skeleton wrapped in a deep, green enchanted cloak. He also carried a strand of druidical prayer beads and a number of magical darts.

The hole yielded some other treasures, and soon the group returned to the ferry before the sundown deadline. They slept for the remainder of the trip upriver, and awoke as the ship lurchingly changed tracks and moved up to a boathouse in the small village of Bend. A large number of torches set about kept the settlement brighter than seemingly necessary.

They docked at the Hook & Hammer, and took the room reserved for Lehrinn’s passengers. Most of the group retired, but a few stayed behind the in the busy common room. They learned that the something is stalking the hills at night, and only attacks in darkness. Many rumors were bandied around, and one drunken gnome (Dun’wanna) swore he saw a band of gnolls attack some prospectors.

When purged of alcohol, he accepted that he did not actually ‘see’ the gnolls, but did see shadowy tailed shapes and saw their clawed footprints.

Saurian also talked with the leader of a group of loggers known as Hooktender Gedd. He wanted to take the ferry immediately down to Wytchport, but they talked him into going with them to Bend to ‘reserve’ the spot for his men. He reluctantly agreed.

Otherwise a pleasant evening was spent in the warm and crowded hall, watching the lumbermen race giant leeches and sipping the sour local brew.

The ferry left in the morning with the party, along with Gedd and three lumbermen. The journey south was largely uphill along the narrowing watercourse. By late afternoon they arrived at a widening, low lake known as Glitterpool.

The clanked through the lake and came to a stop amid a handful of buildings crowded by woods. A group of miners were looking to take the ferry north, but Gedd and the lumbermen demanded their spot. Our heroes left Lehrinn to sort things out, unloaded their canoes and hauled them on-shore.

Then they want up the settlement’s main road they came upon a rustic, but well-maintained inn. Inside it was dark and cool, with few customers. There they met a men in dark mage’s garb who inquired why they were coming up-river when so many were looking to flee down….

If a tree falls in the woods...
Or-- Damn right you'll hear it!

big_thumb_69e6d279b21ed7a74c1944e61afed54e.jpgWith a little distance between themselves and the raging Grandfather Tree, our heroes took stock of the situation. They worried that it would be difficult to track the other fleeing group from the tree without going back to the source, and in the end decided to patch up the three that they brought with them and leave them to their own devices.

Then, the desire for retribution began to grow in their ranks. One by one they chose to return to the tree and mete out revenge. Kallius pulled out a scroll of flame arrow and created a store of ammunition for the group to fire.

They returned to the edge of the clearing and began to fire. The reaping willow’s thick bark deflected nearly every arrow, but the magical fire was slowly wearing down the waving tree. In its canopy, a few remaining twigjacks banged and railed at the party.

The waving tendrils of the tree soon grabbed one of the jacks and threw him wildly at the party. He landed before Luix and blasted the group with a hail of thorns. Boomah lobbed a bomb and the creature was soon a rolling pile of ashes. Encouraged, the tree continued to throw his allies at the group, at least slowing their missile fire. Some of the small twigjacks were coated in a thick, blood-like juice that seemed to give them the power of draining life source from their enemies by touch.

But as the flaming missiles continued to shoot toward it, the tree began to uproot itself, filling the air with frightful cracking and tearing noises.

The leader of the twigjacks had joined the melee and was proving harder to dispatch than his minions. The group circled about it and beat down with sword and flail. While this fight continued, the gargantuan tree started making lumbering progress toward the group.

They moved back while firing, but it started to seem that escape might be difficult. Dremahl decided that the time had come to use the dragon tooth he had taken from the ghoul beneath Bar Omaro. Most of his companions moved back while the priest transformed into the the form of a red dragon.

A well-placed bomb from the goblin forced the creature to turn his focus to putting himself out, giving the dragon-priest an opening to close without danger and breathe fire on the abomination. The canopy was in flames and the fearsome beats was weakening, but its tendrils still managed to grab the priest and hold him fast.

Harassed by a summoned eagle, the tree allowed Boomah who rush under the burning canopy and smash a fiery bomb directly against it hungering maw. The explosion sent the goblin reeling, but proved to be the last blow the creature could stand. Its trunk — pinioned by nearly a dozen arrows — cracked and grounded under its own weight and the entire thing crashed to the ground.

Climbing through the now-immobile branches, Boomah came upon a clutch of evil-looking fruit dripping with bloody juice. Without hesitation, he burned the foul globes before they could be planted. Dremahl used his dragon wings to fly out the shattered tree and make his way toward its original plot in search of treasures it may have been hiding.

Of Kith and Kindling
Or-- Putting a torch to the family tree

tree_of_hell.jpgIt took roughly an hour for our heroes to make their way through the forested bog toward Grandfather Tree. They arrived to a hugely spreading tree in the center of a clearing. Lines of smoke whisped up through the canopy, and Saeren recognized this as a peat-drying operation.

Boomah was sent up to scout out the humans’ position, followed closely by twigjacks who encouraged him to burn the enemy. When he got close, he recognized the slowly weaving branches and the deep, black maw in its truck as signs of a reaping willow — a nightmare creature from goblin children’s tales.

Against the wishes of his sidekicks, he returned to the group and reported back. Noting that the humans (and a few goblins) simply seemed to be working, the group decided to give them a chance to leave the area without violence.

Celest and Dremahl stepped out into the clearing, and were met by the leader of the peat men. They told him of the impending danger, but he dismissed their concerns — saying they were nearly done with their task and wanted to be finished in time for the Belthis festival.

Taking this as a refusal, Boomah launched a bomb at one of their tents, engulfing it in flames. Luix charged toward the camp and the twigjacks leaped into the canopy to wreak havoc on the enemy.

The elves fired arrows into the gathering workers, who were massing to attack. Dremahl closed with the leader, who had been faerie fired by the twigjack’s apprentice — an awakened wolvering sorcerer. He tried to convince him to leave before things get worse, and when he tried he found he was stuck fast by his own shadow.

Boomah pulls out his new necklace to to throw fire into the peat pits, but the sphere explodes in hand, burning himself, Luix, and several nearby workers. The goblin and his barbarous companion were shocked to see the spilled blood soak into the ground at an alarming speed.

640x483_955_Rog_2d_creature_character_rat_monster_fantasy_picture_image_digital_art.jpgThe wolverine charged the human leader and attacked. Saeren ran up to defend the struggling human. The apprentice discards his spear and magic and started tearing the man apart with claws and teeth.

The twigjack leader fired a ray of enfeeblement at the ranger, and then popped into the canopy with its followers. Kallius moved up and unleashed arcane fury on the wolverine. Celeste summoned a fire elemental to attack anything moving in the tree.

Watching the tree slowly wake, Boomah and Luix decided to leave. Thye are followed by a twigjack, who fires a spray of needle-sharp branches at them. Nearby, Kallius soaked the creature in oil. Boomah follows with a flaming bomb, and the northerner finished the job with his mighty flail.

As the group gathered up outside the canopy, they heard of crying children at the center of camp. The group saw no children, but could now see branches lunging down to scoop up workers and shove them into its waiting maw.

Kallius asks the leader if they had children in his group, and he said they did not.

Another twigjack came out from the canopy, spraying the group with wooden spikes. They quickly turned on him and crushed him back to the earth.

Our heroes gathered up the two fallen workers with them, and saw another small group stumbling out for the far side of the camp. Dremahl swore retribution on the twig jacks and vowed to bring the tree low. The gathered party fell back, leaving Boomah to finish an unresolved task.

Once clear of others, he removed the remaining spheres on his necklace and launched the fiery orbs into the tree. This went off as planned and the reaping willow was filled with flame.

Celeste summoned an air elemental to cover their escape, and the wounded troupe retreated into the bog — to escape, or plan their return?

A Sticky Situation
Or-- Pitching in with Matchstick Men

TwigjackByNanyaDA.jpgThe chain ferry ground its way up the river throughout the day. Late in the afternoon, the watch spotted a tree that had fallen over the river, blocking the path. The group decided to try and power the obstacle out of the way.

As they approached, a rain of tiny spears flew out of thick brush on the river bank. Warriors leaped from the rails of the low ship to seek the enemy. The could see small figures hurrying back as the roots and vines along shore reached out and tried to hold them in place.

Meanwhile, a number of small creatures seeming made of bundled sticks rushed down the fallen trunk and onto the ship. The crew reached for their weapons and armor while the tiny enemies rushed past toward the store of salamander’s breath. Boomah had hidden behind the small cabin, and jumped out to breathe fire on boarders (as well as the highly flammable fuel). The vanguard burst into flame — and the ship did not.

The leader of the twig jacks, who had stayed on the bow of the ship, cried out for parlay.

The party regrouped and questioned the tiny leader. He claimed that he ‘needed’ the salamander’s breath to removed a group of human settlers that have moved in and are harming their grandfather tree, and keeping him from waking.

Lehrinn refused to bargain with the fey, and told the party if they wanted any of his store it would cost 1000gp. Undaunted, the party decided to help the twigjacks free their grandfather. Lehrinn did not approve of this venture either, but agreed to wait until sunset for the party to return, before pushing on to Bend.

Our heroes struck out into the woods with their woody companions.

Rolling on the River
Or-- See you later, alligator.

BhdIUnhCYAASi4N.jpg_large.jpgThe group greeted the morning with vigor, determined to set out up the Gilder. Before the could get under way, Ebn appeared and invited them to his chambers. There he showed them an adamantine oil jug that he claimed pre-dated human colonization in the Hesperean. He told them that he believed that it was found in the Gilt range, and that he believed there must have been some kind of ancient civilization in the region before men. He wanted them to keep their eyes out for any similat artifacts.

After gathering a few provisions, they sought out and hired the hobbled dwarf Lehrinn to taker the chain ferry up to the mine country. He wanted to get back for the Belthis festival and the landing of the crown prince, but agreed to their price and aid in sailing. It was decided to take on three crewmen (two dwarves and a human) to allow the ferry to travel through the night as well as the day.

It was still morning when they pushed off Lehrinn’s cantilevered floating dock and the strange salamander’s breath-fueled vessel lockd into its course on the river. The group noted with some concern the number of small shacks and tents that had gone up on the slope of the river — destined to be swallowed by flood waters once the rains began.

Their day’s travel was largely unremarkable. They clanked through fields and light woods as they moved farther from the settled area around Wytchport. As they moved into the wilds they saw the trails of many fires as the forests were being burned off to clear new lands.

It was in the night when Boomah first saw the ripples of something long following in their wake. Searching about, he found another and realized the ship was being trailed by two substantial alligators. They made no overly aggressive action, so our heroes merely kept an eye on them as night waned.

As the first blush of morning began to color forest to the east, the ship was rocked as whatever mechanism drove the vessel forward from below got fouled in the weeds of low river. Its progress was stalled, and the crew began to stoke the engine to pull clear of the obstruction. The lurking gators took this opportunity to make a move on the ship, and three bulky shapes slapped over the wales and attacked — leaving one smacking the side of the low ferry’s deck.

Boomah saw a fiery bomb fizzle against smoking creatures and moved to wake the remaining sleepers. Luis leaped up to the attack, as did Dremahl — who had to abandon his armor in haste. Kallius charge his blade with magic and struck hard at the relentless predator, wounding it gravely.

Luix found that his flail was just as deadly against alligators, and caved in one’s skull in a single blow. The battle was furious but short, and the four large gators were soon being tossed back over the side (except for the choice parts kept by the goblin for stewing). Several smaller alligators and other creatures circled around for the castoffs, and it was plain by the scar and burn marks that these had been forced to the riverside from other locales.

Since the crew was awake, Lehrinn put them to work, in hopes of reaching the logging community at Bend in time to do some trading.

Up All Night
Or-- keys, cronies, and a couple angry women

58209a521c807bf82e6c1215b6ec7edf.jpgBoomah sensed that they had little time before the building collapsed in flames, but not so little time that they couldn’t engage in some quick salvage. He dug through the fallen bandit leader Borin’s belongings and found two bags that reeked of pickle brine. He handed them off to Celeste and went in search of the lady’s chambers — and her keys. Kallius crept back into the common room, determined to relieve the fey-blooded brawler of his goods as well.

Saerin and Luix found the back door and began prying off the boards to let Dremahl in, and allow everyone a quick exit.

The only other chamber in this shoddy addition was a shockingly pink and frilly bed-chamber. Boomah quickly ransacked the place, escaping only with some costume jewelry, strangely scented incense and a magical hooded lantern.

Meanwhile, Celeste looked around the burning store room, and found a pickle barrel and a wet gaff hook, She puts the pieces together quickly, and extracted two more bags form the bottom of the barrel. The warriors broke open the back door, and returned with the priest of the Maker to gather the troops. Soon the entire group was moving down an alley, leaving the rapidly collapsing building (and their enemies) behind.

Dremahl noticed a water elemental dancing across a nearby rooftop which aroused suspicion. Searching about, he found a vaguely familiar acolyte of the Nox hiding among some crate. The surprised youth turned on him, demanding to know why he was not at the meeting that organized their forces. Dremahl waved him off, claiming they had higher orders, and asked where their superior was.

Not looking to arouse any more divine attention, the two elves and the goblin went back to Ebn’s. compound to try and break the seals on their bags of booty.

Moving toward the fountain square where they were told they could find Ellicott, they came upon Telline in the final stages of her assault. She broke off her attack to question the priests. Celeste told her that the leader died without glory in the burning building. This was very disappointing to the swordmaiden, but she accepted it. She did question why the group was inside the burning rooming house, and Celeste simply answered that she was with Boomah, and it was hard to keep him away from fires.

They found Ellicott near the winesink where they had planned their venture. he was surrounded by sooty and exhausted acolytes, but welcomed the newcomers. After swapping tales, they commiserated over serving a mad glory-hound of a war-priest. And toasted to her glory.

Back at Ebn’s tower, the trio used brute force to break off the fiery seals that closed the bandits bags and went through her treasures. They found that they keys in question were actually made of mithril, and intricately carved with the worldwyrm device of the emperor’s house, They also found a potion, a couple scrolls and other minor magics.

Boomah stopped in and showed the keys to Eika, who thought they should be destroyed.

They decided it was best to discuss the issue with the priests before going further. Regrouping at the shrine of Methys, Boomah came clean about his meeting with the black blooded duo and the deal he made for the keys. in the end, it was decided that Dremahl would accompany him to make the switch.

They went off to a collection of larger estates along the far wall of the town. They were met along a hedge-wall by the slighter Thorn, who ushered them through the bushes and into a small guest house set in miniature town square within the manor. Wihtin the hedge, they were met by his brother Burr, who followed them in.

There was a cozy sitting room on the upper level, where a man with large bristling mustaches waited for them, with a slim, pretty girl waiting in the shadows. He introduced himself as ‘Uncle’ Griza Ombor and his niece Lyran. He congratulated them on a job well down, and hoped that this would be the beginning of a fruitful alliance.

Things were jovial and upbeat, as drinks and smoke were shared among the tow groups. This was only marred by the obvious contempt that Lyran showed for the two, and her quiet unwillingness to goiong along with the budding friendship.

Griza told them they keys would be very helpful in proving his claims among the rules-obsessed newcomers, but it would be helpful to have liquid assets as well. He hoped that the two might assist him in this. He added that his group had procured an item that would hold particular interest to Boomah — a necklace with three fiery gems.

They debated the value of their efforts against his need for cash, and in the end accepted the necklace and four 100 gold piece trade bars in exchange for the keys— one for each of our heroes who were not present at them meeting.

As night slowly gave way to the brightening dawn, the duo returned to the shrine to share out their gains. The treasures were accepted, as well as the risks of this new relationship. But they hoped that it would be a problem for another time, as their goal was to turn upstream toward the troubled mine as soon as possible.

Fire and Water
Or, Slippery when wet

WW.jpgSaeren found himself with foes all around him. Then the slight warrior with the strange ridges and horns on his armor lashed out, and all the elf saw was stars.

Celeste moved in to the fray to try and aid the fallen ranger, while Kallius and Luix moved in to take on the leaders. The warrior maid from the shadows called out to her dogs to come to her aid, and several of the fleeing rogues entered the common room to give battle.

Boomah had dropped through a gap in the roof tiles and came upon the battle form the back. He surprised the bandit leader with a fiery bomb.

She stepped out of combat and cast a watery orb to quench the flames, and then sent it back down the hallway to block the goblin’s access. Disappointed and hating the water, he fled back through the roof to get Dremahl’s aid.

Luix was working his wife through the bandit minions, leaving a trail of flail-crushed bodies across the taproom. Kallius stepped up to engage the fistfighter, and rand him through a electrically-enhanced sowrd thrust.

Seeing the tide turning against her and her hideout being consumed by flames, Borin summoned a cloud of fog to cover her escape. When Luix gave chase, he floundered into a spray of caltrops left across the ground and stumbled.

Boomah (now moving at alchemically enhanced speed) found the priest in the alley, adjacent to a running battle between the ‘authorities’ and fleeing bandits. Rather than risk combat, he drank a spider climb potion and carried the priest to safety, dropping him to go through the roof and open the back door.

Luix managed to shove through the hall-blocking orb, only to collide with Borin as she stepped out of a side chamber. She lashed out at him, but the fog hindered both their attacks. Boomah then blundered into the same situation, but used spider climb to sneak through the top of the door jamb to set up flanks.

Celeste summoned an elemental to blow away the fog, and Kallius moved to aid the warrior, only to get caught in the watery orb and get beaten about.

Borin used her intimidation to shake the big northman, and they began to fight in earnest. The now-restored ranger pulled out his enchanted longsword, and steps through the aqueous orb to engage the bandit. Now seriously outnumbered, Borin fell quickly to the combined efforts of our heroes.

Our heroes found themselves without immediate attackers as the building they stood in was consumed by flames.


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