1366090394383.jpgThe citizens of the largest empire of the Old World followed quickly to exploit the wealth of the newly discovered Hesperean lands. Whereas the Draegneans came as explorers and traders, the followers of the Son of Dawn came as conquerors and colonists. They saw it as their mission to impose their civilization on this new land and share its wealth with those back home.

While nearly all Aerinorns speak in the common tongue, high court records and much of the poetry favroed by the court is in the old Pellan language.

This influx of wealth fueled an expansion of their empire which now stretches from the western shores of Nuria to the wild mountain lands to the East. The inhabitants of the old Aerindor (now know as the Imperial Precincts) were stouter and paler than the Drageans with thick blond, brown and chestnut hair. The men rarely wear facial hair and the women are partial to complex braids. Many of the old noble houses have fine, nearly white hair and watery blue eyes—and this fashion has been widely aped by others.

Aerinorns from other precincts range from the ruddy and short foresters of the Gunder March to the tall Hawk-faced dusky folk of the Kardin mountains and the dramatically mustachioed bravos of the Coruscan estates.

While it is difficult to pin down Aerinorn ethnicity, the empire has worked diligently to create a pervasive culture. This centers on the worship of Aerin and his choice of the Aerinorns to rule the world. What started as a Draegnean folktale about the value of hard work has become the cornerstone of an empire.

The Aerinorns believe that Laedon gave his son the opportunity to earn much of his father’s power by performing great labors, and by emulating his ethic that they too will be given worldly power.

The empire is nearly a theocracy, with the emperor as the head of the church. Local power still derives from noble birth or military ranks, but most leaders have a spiritual advisor (often a sibling or a spouse) to asset them with the spiritual side of rule. Worldly success is a sign of divine approval, so the wealthy go to great lengths to lavishly present their piety.

Personally, this is shown not by ornament but by quality and bearing. Aerinorn fashions tend to dark colors and severe lines made with sumptuous materials and tailored meticulously. Women tend to highlight their youth and health, and the most fashionable accessory is a strong, healthy baby at their side.

The difficulties of empire put strains on all this piety, however. Much of the work of these new colonies has been performed by prisoners captured in the wars of expansion, and the great galleys are crewed by generations of goblins captured in the Kardins and enslaved for their race’s crimes. Most Aerinorns see the acts as necessary expediencies and the price of greatness.

Favored Classes: Fighter, Cleric, Paladin

Complementary Traits: Child of the Temple, Indomitable Faith, Militia Veteran, Rich Parents


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