Dragonborn3.jpgThere are few races more misunderstood than the draaken. As the first line of attack in the Baorn invasion they appeared out of the night and destroyed everything in their path. Fearsome and imposing, these fire-breathing warriors left destruction in their wake and fear in the hearts of all who were there.

However, this frightening image does not some them up. Further experience revealed that the draaken are slave warriors for the Baorn, forced to fight for a 1000 years over a pact made generations ago. They are revolted by what they ordered to do, but are bound to honor their ancestors agreement.

Honor and hierarchy are central to their philosophy, and a rigid kind of chivalry rules their daily action. Perhaps it is because the draaken who came through the portal were military units, but this kind of structure pervades their culture. Duty to superiors and responsibility for subordinates are the foundation of their society.

Another key tenet to their society is the power of pacts. Once a dragonborn has given his word, or accepted an order from their elder the act must be completed. Barring death, there are very few ways for a dragonborn to escape this. Because of this, the draaken are very specific in their speaking and rigid in their thinking. Dragonborn are deliberate and thoughtful in their actions and in their commitments, and they expect others to be that way as well. This has led to the belief that they are slow-witted or arrogant when they are merely trying to grasp the shifting nature of other races.

Relations between the dragonborn and their tiefling commanders are often strained, as the two groups could not view the world more differently.

Even after generations of doing their bidding, very few of the dragonborn worship the Baorn. Most hold faith in a primal draconic deity whose will created the dragonborn and sent them out in the world to prepare for a final battle. When the battle is coming and who they will be fighting for is something they are not willing to share.


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