the_dwarf_by_manzanedo-d671xkg.jpgWhile there is no record of the dwarves residing in the Hesperean region before the arrival of men, their numbers indicated they at least have some of means of crossing the ocean. But this mode of transit is something the dwarves do not share.

Like many human settlements, there are those dwarves who cater to them, armorers and crafters that offer wares of exceptional quality. But the largest dwarves settlements are clustered around some of the most active volcanoes in the region. This is because of the discovery of salamon-durim — or ’salamander’s breath’ — a strange alchemical element found in these fiery cauldrons. The dwarves of Hesperean are obsessed with the power of this ore and have used it in many metallurgical and magical ways. It can be used to fabricate extremely strong alloys, infuse fire into weapons and power ranged weapons of massive destructive power.

Most amazingly, the dwarves have used the salamander’s breath to create a lighter-than-air persistent gas that has allowed them to craft airships and ply this skies. These discoveries have made many of dwarves clans very wealthy, and their secrets are guarded quite strongly. There is very little trade in raw salaman-durim and experimenting with the substance outside the clan holds is actively discouraged.

After the Long Night, most of the dwarf leaders fled into the depths of their volcanic realms. How many rooted out and killed, the dwarves are reticent to admit, but their hatred for the invaders equals that of the other intelligent races. Worse yet, the tie flings shared the dwarves’ fascination with salamon-durim. and looted their halls for its secrets. Many were stolen and even more were lost in the havoc. But the greatest shame was when the invaders took to the sky on the dwarves’ own airships.

As immigrants, the Hesperean dwarves are from a wide range of stocks, with skin from dusky brown to nearly brazen. Their hair and beards also range from honey-blond to glossy black, although the climate encourages shorter beards and closer-cropped braids. They have gathered together based more on interest than heredity and the ‘clans’ of the region function more like guilds, protecting and preserving craft and business interests.

Favored Classes: Fighter, Alchemist, Expert

Complementary Traits: Craftsman, Iron Lungs, Talented blacksmith


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