Eryse Bellikan

Baron Eryse Bellikan is the current ruler of Wytchport and the surrounding area. He has only recently assumed the title after marrying the widow Lady Manx Bellik. Her huband Boreal Bellik fell in an ill-fated head-on assualt against the invaders not lonf after the Long Night.

Eryse was a sea trader based out of the old world port of Moonstone who found himself trapped by the Shattering. He was in Wytchport when the fighting began and was instrumental in helping the Bellik family escape the initial assualt. He was unsuccessful, however, in talking Baron Boreal from rousing his knights and trying to take back the city.

After what became known as the battle of falling banners, Eryse organized the resistance and fought hit-and-run attacks against the invaders. He kept his forces on the move and was in good position to sweep down on the remaining tieflings held up in the city when the Shattering ended.

Soon after he was married to the Lady Manx and the began the work of restoring the city and the Bellik family dignity. Eryse has proved to be an effective, if gruff, leader and his concepts of fairness do not always sit well with the nobility. The decision to have the crown prince make landfall under his banner is a great honor for the new baron, and there are many who would like to see his hospitality fail.

Eryse Bellikan

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