Brought to these far shore almost exclusively as slaves, goblins have spread out across the isles infesting any area not already claimed by others. Fetid swamps, rocky shoals and mangrove-grappled coastlines are the new home to these creatures. Whenever possible, they gravitate to the hills and caves that are more like their ancestral lands, but these are few in the Hesperean and the goblins have been forced to make do.

But if there is one overriding drive in the goblin mind it is survival. Old beliefs and habits are cast aside and the goblins do whatever it take to survive. To that end they have become expert salvagers and scavengers. Unlike others of their kind, goblins in the Hesperean will not destroy anything in hopes it might serve a use. The hoard as much as their nomadic life will allow and most goblin nests are wild collections of random objects.

While shunned, groups of goblins surround most major settlements, collecting (or stealling) what others leave behind. Only in Cyr Saaris on Gama’ar do the goblins walk among the people as relative equals, but many say that is more indicative of how far Cyr Sarris has fallen.

Other major goblin populations can be found on the low cays and rocky piles of the Silver and Flotsam Banks. These tribes roam in long canoes salvaging wrecks and harrying and unaware travelers.

Favored Classes Rogue, Shaman

Complementary Traits Scrounger


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