dabab050f563da6537842042928b0390.jpgOther than the stay-at-home nature largely attributed to their kind, halflings make a nearly perfect fit for the seafaring life. Small, quick and hardy; they are steady hands in the rigging and good mates on a crowded ship. Like most members of their race they appreciate the creature comforts but have the strength to persevere when they have to go without.

Before the wide acceptance of goblinoid slave crews, halflings made up the largest portion of rowing decks on Aerinorn vessels. These oarsmen were often debtors or petty criminals, but many indentured themselves for the opportunity to carve out a new life in this wild new land.

Halflings are by far the largest non-human population in the Hesperean and can be found wherever humans are. They often have their own neighborhoods in larger human settlements, but this more out of architectural consideration than any prejudice. These enclaves are like small villages within the larger whole, with many specialized services and businesses catering to their needs.

While they are less risk-averse than many of their old world kin, the halflings of the Hesperean share many of the same traits. They are more likely to negotiate than attack, and more likely to hide than negotiate. But that does not imply weakness. They are keenly aware of opportunities and how to turn situations to their advantage. This ability has led to many a halfling rising in rank on even hardened warships.

Favored Classes Fighter, Rogue

Complementary Traits


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