e6448e89c184fb551f36693371254a2e-d4nyyut.jpgCutting fairly strange figures on list tropical beaches are the fierce warriors of the Isle of ismenn. Lured away from their native fjords by the draw of untouched fishing grounds and great timbers of the Aurboror peninsula, they have found themselves in a world very different from their own.

They are tall and broad, with pale skin and light hair. Full beards are still common for the men despite the heat. For the most part they have retained their cultural connections, living among clansmen and staying apart from the politics of the wider world. Most speak the common tongue of trade, but they have their own language. Today, Iss is primarily used for honorifics, songs and oaths, although many of their bards and elders are still fluent in the language believed to be passed down from the giants.

They also brought their religion with them across the ocean, and believe in celestial giants that have imparted wisdom to their ancestors. They also believe these jotunn protect them from the dangers of the mainland and they hold a few of the only permanent settlements there.

To the Ismenni, a person is measured by what they can do, not what they have or who they report to. Their societies are often led by the most accomplished warrior among them, but they still must catch their share of fish or fell the tallest trees. This also translates into a deep respect for their elderly. While an encampments may be led by a hot-headed young warrior, he will often be told what to do by his wizened grandmother.

In general, Ismenni in the Hesperean are peaceful, productive fishermen and loggers, But there are still those who feel the need to take the horns of the Vikarr and raid like days of old. These few roaming brigands have given rise to distrust of the Ismenni in other ports, especially if they come in numbers.

Favored Classes: Barbarian, Bard, Ranger, Witch

Complementary Traits: Devotee of the Green, Frostborn, Log Roller, Viking Blood


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