Nicknames the Veil, Stalking Shadow, Old Twist
Alignment Lawful Evil
Portfolio Murder, Lies, Power
Domains Law, Trickery, Evil, Darkness, Death
Colors Black and navy blue
Weapon Dagger

Hel__Goddess_of_the_Underworld_by_arcana_caelestia.jpgThe lady now known as the Veil was once the rival of any of the Serachle. As fierce as Notos and as clever as Nox, she led her forces in battle against the Progenitors. She did not fight for the cause or even for glory, but to prove herself to her commander and hearts’s desire — Laedon. But she was felled by treachery and brought low.

When the war ended, the Sun Tender returned his allies to his side. But not all were unmarked. Mephitas was scarred and twisted, but even worse she found her love sworn to that frigid and hypocritical shrew Dendera. Mephitis fled to the dark places, and ever since worked to usurp the Father and destroy what she once cherished above all other things.

Mephitas and the Serachle
Few members the Serachle acknowledge traffic with old Twist. Her companions are the devils and other outsiders of the dark realms. But she has learned much from these servitors, and the god themselves have been drawn into pacts with her. Most claim afterward that they had been tricked and would never openly deal with her.

Notos falls most often to her wiles, and their passions have given rise to some of the greatest evils the world has ever known. Their disputes, likewise, have caused some the greatest destruction. Seius often turns to Mephitis for hidden knowledge, and many speculate their relationship is closer than on the surface.

None in the circle are more suspicious than the ever-vigilant Wott. His servants are on constant guard against her actions and keep her minions from the higher realms. Dendera, too, is a sworn enemy of the dark lady; for each soul she steals wounds the Earth mother and weakens the power of Life itself.

Laedon, sworn to keep the peace, will not act against her. But that is where his loyalty ends, and his church works to defeat her goals at every turn. The young god Aerin has no such restraints, and hopes to remove her head with the sword of dawn.

Worshiping Mephitas
As a creature of murder, lies and deceit, few worship at her alter openly. But there is a black obelisk — known as the night dagger — installed in every Serachle in her honor. Most of these sanctuaries feature an opening for offerings to be dropped within.

Outside of a few corrupt places the worship of the Veil is done in secret. Many of her priests serve in the guise of clerics of other gods, and only perform her rituals in the shadows. It is said that the Seraschal of at least one large complex in the Hesperean is a devotee of the Veil.

Night time is her time, when the moons have set and the consume all. The nights of Hallowmas are particularly sacred, as worshipers — or anyone who has lost something important — beseech the dark lady for reparations.

Deception and power are twin pillars of this faith. Mephitas and her diabolical servants can offer real power, but always at a price and always in secret. The hierarchy of the faith follows there same structure, with those below bonded to those above. Followers can never be certain that their superiors are not otherworldly or when their debt may come due. But it the responsibility of the superiors gain power and learn secrets for the cult to exploit, or they will be usurped by those below. This makes hierarchy within the faith treacherous and volatile.


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