Runes of Making


The oldest form of writing is known as the Runes of Making, or the Primal Runes, and seem to go back nearly to the Creation. Skilled practitioners can harness the power of these runes, and can use them to craft magic from thin air.

The art of runic magic is a closely-held secret among wizards, and there is wide debate on how the runes can be used to channel the power of creation.

The most widely accepted runic ‘alphabet’ contains 29 characters in four divisions.

The first, and central in the common layout, is the dragon rune symbolize power. The is known as the primal rune, and it is said that both creation and destruction is dervied from it.

The second division, surrounding the dragon rune, are known as the ordinal runes. They represent the divisions of the elements, and the categories that make up the natural world. The separation of the sapient life forms (including man, elves, dwarves ansd the like) is questioned by many beings of the outer planes, but there is little agreement on what would replace this rune.

Beyond the ordinals the square array are the axial runes. These represent elements that can affect the runes within and combine for increasingly complex arrangements. Each of the axial runes can be inverted to represent its opposite element, so that inverted ‘light’ represents ‘darkness’ and inverted ‘motion’ stand for ‘stillness’.

On the four edges of the square lie the perceptual runes, representing how one is aware of and interacts with the world.

Runes can be used decoratively, and many builders hope they will infuse objects with the aspects of the rune. Arcane craftsman often apply runes of making as part of binding magic into the items they create. Runes are also used in divination, by the clergy as well as the more common market diviners.

True runic magic, also known as words of power, is extremely rare. There are those that claim its power is limitless and proper application can tap into the forces that created — and could just as easily destroy — the universe.

List of Runes by Category

Primal Ordinal Axial Inverted Perceptual
Dragon Air Light Darkness Sight
Earth Knowledge Ignorance Sound
Fire Faith Doubt Touch
Water Strength Weakness Taste/Smell
Sapients Agility Clumisiness
Animals Beauty Ugliness
Plants Aggression Protection
Mineral Success Failure
Fate Effort
Movement Stillness
Closeness Distance
Freedom Bondage
Life Death
Force Matter
Honor Shame
Wealth Poverty

Runes of Making

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