The Mainland

By far the greatest amount of mineral wealth and other riches can be found past the shores of the Hesperean Sea, as well as its greatest dangers.

189_diyun.jpgNearly all the shoreline is rocky and feature steep cliffs. Notable exceptions are the gold-rich hills south and west of Kordova, the swampy lowlands beyond Farpoint, and the mighty timbers of the Aurboror peninsula bounding Swallows Bay.

There are virtually no permanent settlements on the Mainland, as all that have tried have been slaughtered by some nightmare from the jungles or simply disappeared. Even the great treasure trove of Kordova is built on islands and delta land, and it has been overrun repeatedly in its short history.

It is said the land is ‘alive’. Trails disappear, rivers change course and routes become impassable even after being marked. Most who live near or explore these lands do so with great care and reverence, so as not to incur the wrath of the land. Even if it were not for supernatural threats, the natural dangers, giant lizards and other threats make the mainland an inhospitable place.

The Ismenni, and many of the early settlers on the Hesperi believe that the mainland is home to a primal natural force (known to the Ismenni simply as ‘Dragon’, feared even by their jotunn) of the Earth that does not accept man’s presence. The simple folk that eke out a living on the Farpoint barriers have built shrines to this “Dragon” and worship it like a god.

The Mainland

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