The Old World

Officially known as Nuria or even Moonstone, the northern continent across the ocean was the source of all human civilization in the Hesperean Sea. Nuria is a sprawling land mass cobbled into many domains but the western area is dominated by two factions; the Aerinorn empire and the Draegnian confederation. While many of the nations and peoples merit discussion, only a few have had any real impact on the Shattered Sea.

Bandlecity blog2The empire grew from a kingdom known as Pellonoi in the rolling grasslands, and found new drive and purpose when it was united by the followers of the young god Aerin. His followers organized and expanded the kingdom, by force where necessary, until the Son of Dawn’s rays shone from its southern coast to the gates of the city of Moonstone itself. This drive was fueled by the unimaginable treasures that were brought back from the New World by the annual treasure fleet. The connection between the Empire and its colonies in the Hesperi were brought closer when Aerinorn wizards fashioned they Dolmen circles that allowed instant travel between the worlds Old and New.

As powerful as the Dolmen Waystones were, they could not accommodate the bulk of treasures that were carried by the tribute fleet each year. The mighty empire’s prospects dimmed when the ships failed to arrive that fateful fall.

During the Long NIght and the Shattering that followed the empire was completely cut off from its colonies and the vast wealth. But the costs of managing such a far-flung empire are many, and the Aerinorns reached out to many creditors during this period. Now that world has been rejoined, they are eager to make up for their lost revenue.

AubrisWhile the wandering Draegnians were the first to discover the New World, they did not exploit it as well as their counterparts. Their independent spirit and lack of central authority left them quibbling over scraps while the Aerinorns claimed the prize fruits.

The confederacy is based in the Draegnian Isles on the western coast of Nuria. They are one of the oldest civilizations in Nuria, and many families histories go back thousands of years. Their free-spiritedness goes back just as long, and while Draegnian ships have docked at every port known, the authority of the Malachite Throne has rarely extended much farther than the capital, Aubris.

Even the great Draegnian city of Moonstone, the largest metropolis known, retains its autonomy over the throne. Most of the travelers who have made their way to the Hesperean Sea are of Draegnian origin, and do not take to authority well.

The snow-capped peaks and frozen waters of the isle of Ismenn have little in common with the tropical lands of the Hesperean Sea, yet their rugged, bearded sons have made their way to these sun-soaked isles to ply their trade. What few outposts that cling to the Mainland are largely manned by Ismenni, and their ability to fell giant trees and turn these into ships is unmatched.

The Old World

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