rasten.jpgMost scholars now believe that the tiefling ‘race’ is a creation of the Host of Baor, a calculated interbreeding of the foulest creatures of many worlds and their own dark essence. While there are many variation, the core of the tie fling psyche is cruelty and volatility.

Far more independent-minded than the draaken troops, tieflings led the Baorn invasion with creativity and quick wits. With an almost artistic flair for destruction, the atrocities they committed will be remembered for generations. After the Shattering, however, they made less effective long-term leaders. They fell into horrific indulgences, petty squabbling and personal obsessions that left little time for governance.

As a people, they strive for personal greatness. Individual success and renown are very important, and constant competition and one-upmanship mark their interactions. Among other races they are often seen as bullies as they try to assert their superiority. They are quick to subvert the authority of anyone who claims superiority over them, and in-fighting is very common.

Brought to this world as servants of the Baorn, they do not know much about their overlords and few seem to be zealous in their devotion. Generations of hopping from world to world to sow destruction and move on has bred an ironic detachment among their kind and a lack of faith in anyone more permanent than the next thrill. As such, they are not very familiar among their own kind and do not form close bonds. Even their children are often raised by slave races and sent off to be trained at very early age.

A very few have embraced the world they have been trapped in and try to make a new life. This is not an easy choice, as it a death sentence among their own kind and very likely one among the humans. But for some, the lure of finally having a home is very strong.

Favored Classes Fighter, Oracle, Sorcerer

Complementary Traits Born Damned, God Scorn, Soul Eater


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