Wytchport.jpgWytchport is a small trading community on the northwest coast of the island.

Baron Eryse Bellikan is the current ruler of the town and its immediate surroundings. Only noble my marriage — and not truly Aerinorn in blood — he married the widow of the former Baron who fell against the invaders.

Most of the other nobility in the region are scattered on rural holdings. Only Lords Bracken Cervo and Timmaes Acerre maintain a residence in the city proper.

The spiritual needs of the children of Aerin are shepherded by Ardent Melliwass Omaro, who spends most of his time working to restore the crystal dome of his chapel. There are few other religious leaders in the city, and they duties of Seraschal have fallen to Telline of Lyss who has always been more comfortable on a battlefield than in a cloister.

The city is at the end of wide Wytche’s Bay and is plagued by stuff shifting winds of the coast. There are a string of rocky shoals on the approach to the harbor known as the Coven that are quite tricky to navigate. Wytchport has long maintained a group of local pilots to assist larger vessels reach safe harbor. These pilots style themselves the Warlocks, and spend their days dallying on the dockside awaiting a call to action.

Wytchport serves as a trading port for some of the mines of Gilt range up the Gilder river. There is a small community of dwarven craftspeople, and most do their business under eaves of Brann Hall, and under the guidance of Brann Dolgrin.

The town maintains a fairly broad community of craftsmen, and the nearby region has many small farmsteads. The old Crown Road to the capitol winds along the northern shore through the Erarohn forest. Most of the rural nobles and plantation owners maintain their own small docks and rarely venture into town except for holidays and trading.

Base Value 2,200 gp; Purchase Limit 12,000 gp; Spellcasting 5th
Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 2d4; Major Items 1d4

Total population: 3047
Humans: 2438
Elves: 61
Halflings: 305
Dwarves: 152
Other: 91
Total guard: 20

In addition, 18 clergy tend to the spiritual needs of the Town, and are overseen by 2 ordained priests.

Inns: 2
Taverns: 8
Blacksmiths: 5
Healers: 2
Weaponsmiths: 2
Armorers: 2
Bowyers: 2
Magicians: 1
Merchants: 2
Leatherworkers: 5
Tailors: 9
Jewelers: 2
Cobblers 9
Fishmongers: 3
Farriers: 2
Carpenters: 6
Masons: 4


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