A world united, or on the brink of coming apart?

Its been well over a year since the bloody madness known as the Shattering came to an end. The Hesperean Sea has been reunited with the wider world, and once again these wayward colonies are in contact with their homelands.

But not all the wounds have been healed. The devastation wrought by the invading Baorn has left society in tatters and grieving for losses almost unimaginable. The enemy has lost its dominance, but still works its chaos and lures men down its twisted paths.

And what of the faraway sovereign powers? Two years cut off from the New World’s flow of riches has strapped their royal coffers, and they are eager to set things aright. However, those who suffered and fought through the Long Night and beyond may not be so willing to fall in line like they were before.

There are fortunes to be made, dangers to be face, and destinies to be forged. A storm is coming — it is time to act or take shelter.

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Tempest Rising

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