Tempest Rising

All's well than ends (in a) well

Or-- Silent night, unholy night

20100918_Dino_2210-Footprint.jpegOur heroes sped across the treetops to escape the carnage at Bar Omaro, and decided to head to the hills in hopes of finding a concealed place to regroup. They spotted a small clearing before their magic gave out, and a small ring of stones indicated some former humanoid presence.

When they landed, they realized it was a small overgrown well. Boomah used levitation to descend into the well and explore. About 50 feet down he came upon a natural fissure with a small steam running down it. The gap seemed large enough to fit the entire group, and the damp stones were home to several large, delicious centipedes.

The group was discussing their choices, when the newly rescued Priestess of LyssTelline — said she was returning immediately to fight the dragon. A heated exchange followed, where Kallius pointed out how well that worked for her last time, and in the end they agreed to spend one night before returning.

Boomah explored further down the fissure and came to a hand-dug ledge with seven bleached goblin skulls in a row. He recalled that it was a form goblin fortune-telling, and choosing one would both reveal and seal his fate. Of course he dove at the chance, and lifted a skull. Under it was a bleached spider, that leaped into his clothing and vanished.

After that, the group clambered down, and huddled in the damp and darkness. They stayed in this sodden pit for the afternoon and night, not making any light of sound. In the deep of the night, Dremahl and Boomah heard a snuffling sound from above. They remained exceptionally still and quiet, and eventually the noise went away.

They continued to stay quiet and did not move until they could see light coming down the shaft. Dremahl used his clairvoyant power and saw clawed footprints similar to the size of the draconic troglodytes around the well.

In the light of dawn, our heroes found renewed purpose. They debated tactics before committing to one more assault on the Omaro keep.



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