Tempest Rising

Boxing Match

Or-- Are you the Key Master?

hellraiser_lemarchand_puzzle_box_by_destro2k-d7z01uc.jpegBased on the info gained from interrogating the drakes (both living and dead), our heroes decided to run out and tell Uncle Griza what was going on. Not finding him at home, one of the Redmond brothers directed them to the Three Keys, a formerly grand tavern and noble boarding house. They found the place darker and less respectable than they remembered, with a number of liveried bodyguards milling about the outside. Inside, they found that Patr ren Acero was still managing the place, and he welcomed them (as long as they kept a close eye on Boomah).

Looking around, the room was filled with darkened corners and curtained alcoves and many indiscretions being performed. Using his urban ranger skills, Saerin discovered an alcove where Griza was playing a game with strange stacked tiles. Not surprisingly, he was winning.

The elves joined the game, along with Griza and a trio of unknown compatriots, and they played one round. Griza pushed up the bets quickly, and when the round ended the other players bowed out.

Alone, they order fine wine and explained the updated situation. He told them they had probably not acted judiciously by calling out the Valessan, and perhaps they should keep more professional distance. He encouraged them not to take direct action against the foreigners and to just assume they are being spied on from now on. As proof, they found a maid ‘cleaning’ the out alcove after the conversation, and watch him casually cast memory modification on her.

The next morning Boomah and Kallius went to the Tower of Secrets to open the thrice-warded key. The magus managed to defeat the outer lattice withe the aid of a mage hand. He was acid burned by the second box, but managed to combine magical efforts to send the pin unerringly into the second box, unlocking it.

The third box proved a stumbling block . Every time he tried to unfold the box into a specific shape it would do so, but never seemed to open. Boomah used the lens to try and see through the illusion — and was subsequently teleported from the chamber. The elf struggled through a few more attempts before declaring he would disbelieve. This shattered the illusion that there was a puzzle box at all, and he found himself holding a wooden cube with the phrase “The Key is Always Within You” carved into it. Armed with this knowledge, he climbed the stairs to the inner sanctum of Seius’ tower.

A small library held several magical tomes, and a stand with the holy book of Seius — ’A Glimpse of the Truth’ upon it. The book contained any spell he served, and the Kallius retrieved the Plasmic Pedigree and copied into his own spell book.

Further reflection revealed that it would be best for Dremahl to cast the ritual, so the two returned to the shrine of Methys and the rest of their group.



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