Tempest Rising

Burning Down the House

Or, Arachnecrophobia

PZO3001_Cardback.jpeg Luix burst open the door and was shocked to see a form lunging out of the darkness toward. Saerin quickly stepped through the breach and smashed his sword down on a severed head hanging from a chain. Three more heads lurched into action and suddenly the ranger was surrounded by gnashing teeth. The northman started smashing at the swinging heads and Kallius moved in to disrupt the undead horrors. Saerin stumbled to the ground, which kept him out of reach of the chained menaces. It did not take long for all five of the animated heads to be dispatched and returned to the dead. Boomah quickly scavenged the room, finding small odds and ends, seemingly the personal effects of the beheaded.

After looting what they could, they decided to ascend the tower through the trap door left by the falling debris in the entry hall. Boomah was lifted up and found himself in an empty chamber with one narrow window and door. He threw down rope and the others soon joined him.

Again, they sent Luix against the door. It opened fairly smoothly into a central web-choked room with several doors. Boomah could see several taut strands that convinced him that the area was trapped, and sent a spear flying at him when he tried to disable the trap. He then took a more blunt approach, splashing the area in oil and and lighting the webs from cover. Several more spears were launched, but nothing else appeared to threaten them.

Moving out, they came to another web-choked room that took nearly half the tower. Saerin stepped in made his way through the hanging webs, but only found a large gap in the ceiling letting in faint moonlight from two stories above. He move to get a closer look, and two javelins hurtled out of the darkness at him. Rather than following, they decided to head off the hidden enemy by taking the stairs to the next level. The ranger and goblin were scouting slightly ahead of the group when he was struck by a poisoned crossbow bolt from above. He got a failed shot before the creature slunk off into the darkness.

Kilix_TCG.jpg Boomah took the lead, and was narrowly missed as another bolt hit the stairs from directly above. Some kind of spider figure was hidden in he stair supports, and scrambled up and away from them. Leaving Luix to guard the landing of the third floor, our heroes moved out against this stealthy foe. As they charged, they heard the flapping and screeching of lizards form the roof.

Boomah climbed out in the night, and a large brightly-colored drake sent a bolt of electricity through him. In response, he toss a fiery bomb that sent it tumbling to a beam below, and sent several other tiny drakes fluttering about. A crossbow bolt from the darkness below the collapsed roof reminded them while they were here, and Saerin fired back at the beast. Boomah set the other large drake alight, and the two fluttered out of range of the goblin’s fiery bombs as web by timbers around them started to burn.

Saerin set out across the roof beams after the skulking shooter, who scuttled further away. Meanwhile, Luix chose to take the fight to the enemy and burst out of the doorway, only to meet two ghoulish ettercaps in the center of the tower’s third floor. They gnashed and bit at him, but he resisted their attempts to paralyze him.

Cornered, the third spidery foe climbed up the wall to be closer to the others. He brought up his poisonous crossbow again, only to lose his grip and drop it to the floor beneath. So he dropped on the far side of the wall. Saerin followed and drove the attack. The creature fought back, but was pressed hard. It turned to flee , only to be caught by yet another fiery blast from the alchemist. Its dried flesh crackled and lit up like old kindling.

Supported by Kallius and the priests, Luix continued battering away at the two undead ettercaps. Spell, sword and flail finally took their toll and the creatures fell, leaving our heroes without immediate enemies in the broken and now burning tower.



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