Tempest Rising

'Family' Dinner

Or-- This doesn't taste anything like revenge

1be3e831e0c3c6760878097f554fbbab.jpegWhen ‘Uncle’ Griza made a surprise appearance as our heroes were leaving Brann’s private office, they were taken aback. When he publicly carried on polite conversation with the goblin in the middle of crowded market, the standers-by were confounded as well. In the end, the group agreed to join him and man-servants for dinner at his new townhouse.

Then they went to visit Nana Bethel to discuss the selling some noble trinkets and get a better lay of the social landscape. She told them about Griza’s rise, and that he seems to be a friend of the locals — or at least more of a friend than the other newcomers — and that his niece is quite the social butterfly.

They cleaned up and went to House Ombar at the appointed hour, impressed at how he managed to so drastically improve his position in such a crowded city. One of his black-blooded bodyguards (disguised as bearded Valessans) came to the door and invited them in, the other was cooking.

Boomah immediately demanded to know why Griza had tried to kill them with the cursed fireball necklace, and the man looked honestly surprised. After they explained their story, he told them a tale about his ‘niece’ losing her young lover in a mysterious sewer explosion and getting very upset. More upset, it seems, than he thought.

He also confessed that the keys that our heroes had retrieved had been crucial to his recent success, and said he hoped they could still work together.

They sold him a few of their more notorious magical booty (like the Mephitan weaponry and golem manual) in exchange for more magic armor and protections. He suggested a few mutually beneficial larcenous activities, but our heroes were unwilling to commit and any new any new ventures.

The group retired to his upper drawing room where the brothers Redmund shed their disguises and all shared toasts until late in the night.



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