Tempest Rising

House Arrest

Or-- Croc-o-Vile

139a61c5eabe65d674ebe01d4be73d63.jpegOur heroes went through what was left behind when Stormseeker abandoned her body, and found the magical ring that covered her escape, as well as her staff and a bag of masgic-destroying dust. But since they had spent most of their power and Boomah was blinded, they decided to return to the watch tower and rest.

About an hour after they arrived, two undead crocodiles showed up to keep an eye on them. Our heroes stayed put. After a couple more hours, a troop of eight skeletons set up a perimeter around the tower.

Worried that this only going to get worse, they decided to attack the besiegers. Arrows flashed from the doorway and the tower top, and Luix charged to face the first crocodile.

It met him halfway and took a huge bite into him. The nearest skeletons threw spears into the fray. Celeste summoned a couple elementals to give him a hand. Although it was massive and did devastating damage when close, the beast fell under their combined assaults.

With a larger group outside the tower, the other watchers fell back to the tree line. Two of the skeletons were taken out by electric arrows and elementals, and only the they were caught in the explosions.

Thinking that they were being drawn out into danger, they retreated back inside. So the two sides were at a standoff until the sun set.

Late that night, Kallius was on the tower top keeping watch in the wee hours. A darker shadow blotted out the stars above the looming hills and a winged shape swooped toward the tower. He could feel the rush of wind as the great wings hovered high above, and all those on watch had could feel the chill of true dragon fear.

The magus stood strong in the shadow of the dragon, but he nearly lost his grip on the parapet as its power washed over his mind and he felt like his body had become not his body, and his life not his life.



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