Tempest Rising

Knight's Errands

Or Wheelin' and Dealin'

659972-bigthumbnail.jpg With their enemies defeated, our heroes took stock of their situation. They disarmed their three prisoners and took a quick inventory of the material they had retrieved from the bandits. Lord Patch was carrying a number of magical potions and was wearing an enchanted chain shirt under his motley. Most of the other items recovered were obviously from the Acero household, and the group decided it was the wisest course to return the bulk of it.

They turned the boat around and poled it — along with the floating circus wagon — back to Bar Acero. This process was slowed by large cat that had taken a fondness to the cart, and seemed reluctant to share. After kind words failed, Boomah tossed several small chunks of bear flesh toward the rear of the cart until the creature allowed the goblin to share the ride.

They made it back to the plantation by mid-afternoon. The gatehouse and most of the other buildings had been burned to the ground, and the fields beyond were blazing. The group decided to unload the cargo and leave it under a canvas near the docks.

They went to the well to get water to put out small remaining fires, and noted a crumpled shape at its bottom. Celest lowered down into the shaft and found an unconscious young woman have submerged in the murky water. She addressed the young maid’s major injuries and brought her back up.

Seeing her atop the well, Boomah shouted “pretty lady!!”, as he recognized her from his earlier visit to the bandit camp. When she awoke she was stunned to discover the goblin and slowly it dawned on her that she had been rescued. Her next concern was the safety Patr ren Acero and then any other members of the household.

Meanwhile, Saerin had taken up a post near the broken gate awaiting the Aerinorn noble party. It was not long after before two banner men came to a halt before him. He hailed them, and told the what had befallen the household. One returned to the main party to gather their leaders. Burke Bellik (nephew of Wytchport lord Eryse Bellikan) and a large shaven-headed warrior named Torvil Garra who acted like he was born in charge.

Once appraised of this situation, they rode down to the estate to ‘get to the bottom of this’. The groups were quickly separated and a contingent of nobleman (including a local Aerin priest named Borrt that Celest had dealt with before) interrogated them. Satisfied, and noting the returned valuables on the dock, they allowed the group to leave, but demanded they report to the Oxenhold for final judgement.

They traded some of the rescued rum for two weary donkeys, and made tracks back to town.

Two days of travel brought them back to Wytchport. Celest checked in with Telline and Boomah went to see Ebn. Their first stop was at the Three Keys Inn, to tell Patr that they had defeated the bard and left the estate in Aerinorn hands. He was very pleased, and when Celest passed him a token from the maid Anala, he was even more pleased — passing them a sizable garnet in gratitude. Then they f]]ocused on the important tasks of selling their loot and equipping themselves for the future.

Dremahl led a group to Brann Hall, where they exchanged their captured weapons and a few gemstones for items that better suited their purpose. Brann himself handled the weapons dealing, and parted with a few fine weapons for out heroes.

When they asked Ebn where best to sell some of the strange, old noble trapping they had recovered from the ettercaps in the dragon skull, he suggested local historian ‘Nana’ Bethel Darilaine. The group decided that she would their next appointment.



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