Tempest Rising

Lions on the Lawn, Rats in the Basement

Or-- This town is bull

fecd0a22881efa648e334a1bf1571680.jpgOur heroes, leaving Eika and the Wytchport waif, followed the web tendril down toward the mainland, moving through the clouds and canopy at a very high rate of speed. When they reached the ground, they stood in the midst of primeval forest with no signs of civilization at all. They questioned the minotaur Moira, and she suggested that her village may have been downhill toward a stream.

They did that, and came upon some old ruined walls, and could feel some kind of stone under foot. As they began looking for a secure place to rest, they saw a lion prowling around between two buildings. They tried to sneak up for a better look, and when they did Saerin discovered that it was merely an illusion.

Unfortunately, they had moved up far enough to be pounced on by two huge dire lions. Combat began in earnest, and two more lions joined in the fray. To make matters worse, a pair of lamia were spotted on the outskirts of the battle. One fired a lightning bolt through the group, striking one of its own lions in the process.

Boomah spotted a hole open up under a rock on the far edge of the battle, and two beady red eyes glittered in the darkness. It beckoned him forward. Assuming it was a goblin, and encouraged the party to go that way. One by one, they fought their way down, slaying two lions and taking a fair amount of damage, before slinking into the tunnel that the mysterious rat man led them into.



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