Tempest Rising

Phat lewt

Or-- How many gold pieces are in a Benjamin?

crowd.jpegWith nothing on their immediate agenda, our heroes set about the task of portioning out their spoils from the last few weeks. But first, Celeste and Dremahl returned to the Serachle to check in on their respective shrines. Strangely, the rough-hewn shrine to Methys seems to be have been taken care of in her absence, and even some fresh-cut herbs were found drying on the lines. Ellicott Ganz was still heading the house of the Maker, and mentioned that most of the glory and attention had been going to the Crystal Corncob of Aerin. Otherwise, most of the community’s problems were of the world over-crowded and over-priced varieties.

After hashing out new weapons and other items, the group decided that the best place to sell extra equipment, as well as the dragon skins, was at the House of Brann. They regrouped and set off for the dwarven enclave through the crowded streets.

They were escorted to the master smith’s private office overlooking the trade floor, and reported back about their achievements in the mines. He added that ore had been flowing again, although strange tales of monsters and battles persist.

They traded the dragon’s scales for two suits of highly enchanted chain, and sold some other items. After the visit, they were dismissed to the trade floor to make any additional purchases. As they came down the wide stairs, the crowd below parted, and their old patron ‘Uncle’ Griza Ombar waved upward to the gathered group.

“My friends! How wonderful to see you healthy and hale again!!”



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