Tempest Rising

Returning to the Scene of the Crime

creature-lucky_graul_1_.jpgRenewed by a night’s rest, our heroes found themselves at the edge of the wood beyond Bar OMaro. Using the lens, they could see a rippling back substance coating the keep’s walls, and humanoid figures dangling from supports above the reaching black tendrils.

Close inspection saw that some of them still move to defend themselves, although weakly.

The debated the best approach, and then a bloated figure appeared in the keep’s entry. It seemed to be an ogre, but had the sodden, unearthly cast of a creature drowned and dragged back from the dead. A few well-placed arrows checked its advance, and it returned to the shadows of the gate.

Seeking a less challenging entry, they moved around to where the keep met the hillside, near the now-trickling waterfall. They reduced the priests, and used magic to prepare to fly over the wall and into the keep.

Boomah flew over to the wall first to check things out, when a surge of water sent another sodden ogre up into the air and it reached out for the goblin. But not quickly enough, as he sped away from its grasp.

It rapidly climbed the wall and tried again to crush the little alchemist. But Boomah was soon joined by his comrades, and battle was joined.

They defeated the creature, and reviewed their situation. The shining black ooze, flecked with bones, was sliding down the wall toward them. Not eager to engage, they flew down from the parapet and gathered sat the entry to the mine, filled with the stench of goblins and rotted death.



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