Tempest Rising

'Rocket' from the Crypt

Or, Rotting Raccoons

Zombeavers1.jpgStepping away from the fallen horse, our heroes move to explore the rest of Omaro out-buildings. They came to the manor house, and noted that first floor had nearly rotted away from summer floods. So the group retreated to the outer wall and lowered Boomah through a hole in the roof.

Inside the rotting building, he saw that it seemed to have been looted on several occasions. When he entered the corner chamber he came upon two heavy rodents wreaking of death. Before they could charge, he lobbed a fiery bomb and set them both ablaze. Then he fled.

He was chased down the hall shouting for his friends to retrieve him. The one remaining rodent shook off the fire, but was destroyed before he could strike a foe. The group quickly searched the building, and discovered that one of the banners hanging on the building radiates abjuration magic.

The next building they checked was once a barracks. This building showed signs of recent repair work, and inside they found rotted bodies of both soldiers and humanoids. Closer inspection revealed that all the bodies had wounds of different ages, suggesting that a battle took place between undead forces.

The building offered no loot, so they moved on to planning how they would investigate the opening behind the waterfall. They noted that the slimy black substance that oozed around the flooded plain seemed to be coming from this aperture. The discussed using the canoes to reach the mouth, but in the end decided to breach the opening on foot.

They sloshed through waist-deep swamp water and through the draining fall, and found the opening beyond. It looked to them like a natural cavern that had been expanded over the years with a flat rock floor and a trench running along the right-side wall. Slow-moving sludge fills the trench and ribbons of the black slim run through it.

Our heroes tried to keep clear of the slimy discharge and moved down the tunnel into the cliff. Saerin and Boomah took the lead, and the ranger saw a shifting shadow just before he turned a corner. This gave him enough warning to react before a quartet of zombies lurking there could attack. His first strike sliced an enemy deep to the bone, and the rotting fiend exploded as it fell — showering him in bones and filth. Kallius and Luix and rushed to aid the elf, and Boomah stepped back and readied bombs.

Napalm_Zombie_close_up_Shangri-La_CoDBO.pngThe magus first attack also felled the shambling foe, and more splintering bones and meat filled the small chamber. Boomah noticed one of the enemies moved with deceptive speed, and fired a bomb at it — catching the northman in the flash. Undaunted, the big warrior brought down his flail and crushed the burning ghast.

The remaining zombies quickly fell before our heroes’ assault, and they soon found themselves alone in the chamber. Closer examination showed the creatures hands had been rubbed to the bone and all the pieces were covered in slime and mud.

They patched themselves up as well as they could, and sought to advance further into the cave. Following the path with the slime channel, they moved down the tunnel. Saerin spotted a dark figure darting across the passage ahead, and we called it a night.



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