Tempest Rising

Roll the Bones

Or, How to Split the Party while in the Same Room

eika.jpgThe day had progressed simply enough. Until Boomah noticed that there was smoke rising out of ‘their’ wagon within Ebn’s palisade. He snuck out to investigate, but his absence was quickly noticed by the others. They followed him out of the top chamber and down into the evening yard.

The goblin made his way into the wagon, and left the door ajar as a signal to any that may had followed. After a few moments of searching the yard, the made their way into the wagon as well.

There they were met by Eika, a small, strange, wild-haired woman with milky eyes. She claimed to be a gatherer in the woods around Wytchport, an a guest of Ebn’s.

When questioned, she mentioned that she was able to read to dragon bones, and the party enlisted her to tell their future. While she was visibly disturbed by the presence of both Kallius and Celeste, she agreed to read the bones for a price.

They soon learned that ownership of Bar Omaro was not the critical factor in keeping the dragon sealed, and that the black ooze was indeed coming from inside the seal. It was added that it was impossible to truly say what was behind the seal without more information, and that search might help break the seal.

They also discovered that Bucas (the Valessan advisor) was a very bad influence if one were trying to keep dragons down. Finally, they learned that the mining accident up-river was not directly connected to the leaking seal, but it was not ‘unrelated’ to the possible dragon buried beneath Bar Omaro..

Kallius asked a series of questions about his past, and got a lot of insults for his efforts. She told him to go back to the old world and to not pursue the dragons. She got very vague about his history, and left veiled threats about his future.

When they were done, the priests went back to their shrines, and (miraculously) the half-blind oracle spotted two men shadowing them. They tracked them to the Serachle, leaving Celeste and following the priest of Nox back to the House of Works.



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