Tempest Rising


Or-- Sushi the hard way

Shark.jpgWith our heroes facing skeletal enemies in a mist-choked warehouse, Celeste quickly summoned an air elemental to disperse the swirling vapors. Boomah rushed though the haze and burst through a door darkness beyond.

He ended up on a catwalk over a crowded storage space. Suddenly, his brain felt like claws had torn into it and starting tearing it apart. He could tell that the force originated from a stack of crates below, but could not see the enemy. So he flew over and bombed the general area.

Saerin forced his way through the fog on the far side of room and crashed through a second door. He was surprised by a hiding foe and stabbed from behind. The enemy then jumped off of the catwalk to the floor below. The ranger, undaunted, followed and crashed down to face his enemy.

Not far behind, Luix jumped down on top of the skull-masked enemy and the two tumbled to the ground.

Dremahl followed Boomah into the chamber, and the same hidden force struck him with unholy energy. Kallius followed him, flying above the crowded warehouse floor.

Then, from an opening in the floor decking, flew up a number of vicious air-breathing sharks. The fierce predators immediately set on Luix, Saerin and flying Kallius. The magus sized up the danger and fireballed the corner of the warehouse, catching two of the sharks. Luix hopped up from his fallen enemy and swung at the flying fish.

Meanwhile, Dremahl was struck by dark energy and was slain. But Boomah discovered that the spell caster was hiding inside the crates. Celeste managed to stave off the death of Dremahl, and soon he is fighting fit. Boomah spit his adhesive loogie at the fleeing spellcaster, and stopped his momentum.

b94f67f95e528d0705272179302a2ccf.jpgThe enemy, presumed to be Burl, lashed out at the alchemist’s brain with the cold of interstellar space, but the goblin stood against the attack. Luix’ flail pummeled the shark that thrashed around him, and he turned to take on the revealed enemy.

Kallius let lose another fireball and takes out the a couple of sharks, while leaving the corner of the warehouse ablaze.

Luix’s attack on Burl set off some kind of defensive shield, and he is showered in electricity — but he pressed on. Kallius dropped in on the battle, and buried his electrically charged, keen rapier deep into the foe.

This proved too much for the servant of Mephitas, who fell before the attack. With the immediate danger passed, our heroes returned to the task of the hunting down their quarry— Menso.



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