Tempest Rising

Shooting the Bull-ywug

Or-- Mister Toad's Wild Ride

421f2f2798e4b427ceb937f8660e9bc6.jpgKallius had flown closest to the tree, and hailed the monstrous thing offering to heal its mossy affliction. It laughed off the offer, and demanded to know why these meaningless beings had invade the master’s domain. At that point, Celeste interrupted and said that the returned the dragon’s henchman. Questioned about why they had invaded the temple, they said that they had simply come to speak with the dragon about the bloodwyrms.

This seemed to gain the creature’s attention, and it bade them wait. After several minutes, a bullywug game down a long staircase from above. It seemed ill-fit in its body but demanded to know what they group wanted. They again claimed to only want answers, so it offered to go quid-pro-quo with questions.

They asked what it knew about the Gloaming returning at Malabar and it seemed visibly disappointed. Probing further, they learned that the creature thought that since the dragons had been imprisoned on the mainland, they would rise there as well.

They questioned it about the symbol beneath Bar Omaro, and it thought — while surprised it was that far away — that it could have been a protective seal over a slain bloodwyrm.

Our heroes traded secrets with the apparently-dominated bullywug, and seemed to avoid provoking the creature. Finally, Celeste confessed that she simply wanted to know what would happen to her. In response, she stared levitating up into the darkness beyond, with a goblin hanging on her coattails.



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