Tempest Rising

The bigger they are...

Or-- Another victory for the firehoses of healing

10930151_10152985861047530_783066020997476016_n.jpgOur heroes chose to fall back to the gate of Gilt Hall to maximize their defensive position and rest. The afternoon was spent keeping an eye out on the horizon, and allowing the arcane casters to sleep. Other than a pounding rainstorm in late afternoon, the day past without incident.

Night fell, and Kallius, Corbel and Boomah still slept. The large dark shape was seen again at sunset, winging toward the south, and soon the group picked up noises from across the Nuran dam.

Everyone was roused and the wizards quickly began to prepare what spells they could. Roughly 20 minutes later the sounds of crashing brush could be heard clearly from across the gap. The they head the satisfying snap and tumbling, as the rope bridge they had rigged earlier gave way under weight.

This gave them little respite, for soon a harnessed lizard trailer by two orcs appeared on the dam. They were followed by a trio of giants, barely visible in the gloom.

Arrows flew, and the angry lizard snapped its bonds and charged. It got swarmed, bull-rushed by an elemental, and plummeted from the parapet after getting stabbed by the ranger.

Then the giants were coming, tossing rocks as they made their way across the dam. The casters had not finished preparations, but battle does not wait.

Soon Luix, Dremahl and Kallius were faced off against three massive tusked giants at the base of the Hall’s landing. The giant in the rear lagged back and heaved spells at the group, while the front two smashed down with oar-sized battle axes. Boomah sent fire after the leader, and it was absorbed by a familiar looking red gem worn around the giant’s neck.

The power of Methys and Nox were once again taxed to keep the warriors alive, as the broken dam soon became slick with blood. The dwarf tried to topple the leader by crumbling the stones beneath him, but only ended up leaving him and the big northerner falling in a heap.

Boomah tossed a bead of force that sent shock waves out, and caught one of the orcs within its glowing sphere. One by one, the thunderous beasts fell to our heroes blows.



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