Tempest Rising

Tunnel of blood

Or-- Troglo-bite!

latest2.jpgThe party moved into a side passage, as the noise of a gathering group behind them grew. Boomah peaked from the corner, and saw several troglodytes sneaking up on their position. One even launched a javelin at the goblin before he pulled his melon back.

In response, he tossed a smoke bomb down the passage and relinquished the front rank to Luix. A horrible stench suddenly spewed down the tunnel, and Saerin was sickened before the attack began. A dark lizard lashed out at Luix from the ceiling of the tunnel, surprising him in the darkness.

Dremahl cast light on a small object and tossed it into the opening. Another small lizard ran out of the smoke and scooped it into his mouth, trying to return the passage to darkness.
Boomah threw a fiery bomb at the approaching mob of trogs, shedding light in the tunnel. He was then engulfed in a swirling mass of teeth that appered around him. The wizard Menso filled the tunnel with a fireball, scorching several foes and lightly burning Kallius — clearing the remaining smoke.
Boomah ran down the passage to avoid the swarming fangs, and came up short as the tunnel was ripped open by a rough shaft angling downward into darkness. He kept his distance, but the light-stealing lizard scurried away down the shaft.

The swarming teeth drifted to the nearest living thing and began attacking troglodytes as well as party members. Kallius stepped up and color sprayed a group of foes, leaving them blinded and stunned.

Luix and Saerin slashed away at the massed trogs, while Dremahl and Celeste did their best to keep everyone standing.

With the smoke blasted away. One dark, winged troglodyte stood behind the group. It whistled and two hulking lizards came out of the darkness to join it.

Soon after, they punched on Luix, tearing at him with claws and teeth. The troglodyte leader moved forward and sent out a wave of black acid in all directions. The front ranks were stung, and a wounded troglodyte went down howling.

Meanwhile, Celeste became aware of a small group of troglodytes trying to sneak up the passage behind her. Spotted, they sent a volley of javelins toward her and prepared to do battle.

With friends and enemies scattered across the battlefield, we called it a night.



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