• "Trapped"


    Human found trapped in spider demi-plane.
  • 'Lean' Iam

    'Lean' Iam

    Halfling merchant in Glitterpool
  • 'Nana' Bethel Darilaine

    'Nana' Bethel Darilaine

    Local historian and noble scribe
  • 'Uncle' Griza Ombor

    'Uncle' Griza Ombor

    Supposed Aerinorn nobleman, and friend to Boomah and Dremahl
  • Anala


    House maid at Bar Acero
  • Andolph Sanco

    Andolph Sanco

    Dry gooods merchant in Glitterpool
  • Barlo Braithwattle

    Barlo Braithwattle

    Cook for Bar Acero
  • Baron Eryse Bellikan

    Baron Eryse Bellikan

    Baron of Wytchport and surrounding areas
  • Borealis


    Local elven guide hired in Valder
  • Borin


    Leader of Aerinorn criminal gang
  • Borrt


    Low-ranking priest of Aerin in Wytvhport
  • Brann Dolgrin

    Brann Dolgrin

    Dwarven guildmaster in Wytchport
  • Bucas the Benighted

    Bucas the Benighted

    Valessan advisor to the crown prince
  • Burke Bellik

    Burke Bellik

    Nobleman and Nephew to Lord Eryse Bellikan
  • Burl


    Or Beryl, Mephitan shipwright in Otterdam
  • Burr Redmund

    Burr Redmund

    Black-blooded manservant of Griza Ombor, the larger and more brutish of the two brothers.
  • Corbel


    Dwarven ward sent to guide heroes through Gilt Hall
  • Delduin Arithiel

    Delduin Arithiel

    Elven leatherworker and merchant
  • Digbo


    Ratlike caretaker from mainland ruins
  • Dun'wanna


    Gnomish prospector encountered in Bend
  • Ebn bar-Zuul

    Ebn bar-Zuul

    Valessan Forge Mage
  • Eika


    Tiny, wild-haried friend of Ebn. Reader of the dragon bones.
  • Ellicott Gantz

    Ellicott Gantz

    Priest of Nox in Wytchport
  • Ennick


    Noxian novice rescued from the Vigla mine
  • Fizbit


    Olde Worlde gnome wizard who defeated the dragon Khallid-Duz.
  • Geira


    Ample innkeeper of Road's End in Glitterpool
  • Grila the Archandler

    Grila the Archandler

    Elven alchemist and crafter, associate of Lord Bikkel
  • Hammich Lutro

    Hammich Lutro

    The Otter. Minor lordling and Cuckold pirate who rose to fame fighting the invaders during the Shattering. Now rules over the rebuilding of Malabar in Cyr Regus.
  • Huut Hikkenin

    Huut Hikkenin

    Dwarven smelter in Glitterpool
  • Kharis Phaed

    Kharis Phaed

    Human Sorceress
  • Kunola ren Vulpi

    Kunola ren Vulpi

    Game warden for House Vulpi
  • Lareth


    Gold dragon known as the 'King of Justice'. Resides on a mountaintop in the old world.
  • Lareth


    Old world gold dragon, known as the 'King of Justice', who rules over a tower deep in a northern forest.
  • Lehrinn


    Hobbled dwarf captain of the Gilder river crank ferry
  • Lord Mayor Bikkel

    Lord Mayor Bikkel

    Self-proclaimed ruler of Scree. Moneylender, information-broker and tavern keeper
  • Lord Patch

    Lord Patch

    Traveling bard, freedom fighter and bandit
  • Lyran Ombor

    Lyran Ombor

    Niece of Griza Ombor, and supposed Aerinorn nobility
  • Mapachi Vosto

    Mapachi Vosto

    Aerinorn nobleman, new keeper of Erarohn
  • Meliwass Omaro

    Meliwass Omaro

    High Ardent of the Wytchport temple of Aerin
  • Menso Ganto

    Menso Ganto

    White-haired wizard encountered in Glitterpool
  • Metisto


    Noxian priest and barrel-wright in Glitterpool
  • Mina ren Acero

    Mina ren Acero

    Gatemistress of Bar Acero
  • Moira


    Female minotaur rescued from the spider's demi-plane
  • Murt


    Gilt range furrier and witch, savior of Boomah
  • Müt


    Shaman of the mongrel creaturs of Faelit Vale
  • Pale Mother

    Pale Mother

    Monstrous Apprentice of Sciao Si'ang
  • Paro Lento

    Paro Lento

    Valessan Minister to House Omaro
  • Patr ren Acero

    Patr ren Acero

    Gatekeeper of Bar Acero estate
  • Rokkemuk


    Goblin chief of Clan Shadow Claw
  • Satao


    Elaphantine elder at the mainland mine
  • Selvyn


    Elven cook at Brightside Tavern in Otterdam
  • Stieve


    Wychport city watch captain
  • Stormseeker


    Goblin bride of Rokkemuk, chief of Clan Shadow Claw
  • Telline of Lyss

    Telline of Lyss

    Seraschal of Wytchport
  • Thorn Redmund

    Thorn Redmund

    Black-blooded manservant to Griza Ombor. He is the slighter, decidedly more human-looking of the two brothers.
  • Torvil Garra

    Torvil Garra

    Newly arrived Aerinorn nobleman
  • Vanha Parta

    Vanha Parta

    Aged Dwarven priest in Gilt Hall
  • Vanto ren Omaro

    Vanto ren Omaro

    Marshall of Bar Omaro (retired)
  • Vauchis ren Acero

    Vauchis ren Acero

    Acero agent in Scree, and possibe Mephitan priestess
  • Verduous


    Green dragon 'scholar' living in an abandoned Firstborn temple on the mainland