Tempest Rising

Blood will tell

Or-- Out, damn spot!

c4206b3a547c86e319943618d9b583df--fantasy-paintings-fantasy-art.jpgFollowing their escape from Sciao Si’ang’s olde world retreat with the sash and the dragon orb, our heroes were met by a group of archons in the service of the King of Justice. They had since learned that the orb held the spirit of a dragon and it was an item of great power, but they remained committed to returning it to their patron.

The archons teleported them back in the dragon’s mountaintop tower, and were welcomed. True to his word, Lareth drew his own blood and performed the ritual to purge her of draconic essence. She was transformed, but in the process her bloodline was revealed to her in full.

She was part of a long line of humans that had been selectively bred to increase their draconic potential by a group of shadowy Valessans. Many times in the past, spiders have risen up to wipe out their line, but they had never been fully successful. Her father had been spirited away from Bar Omaro in one of those purges, and hidden away in the city of Chalced. He was bred to a woman of similar lineage, and she bore twins. Celeste was born frail, half-blind, and weak, and was sent by servants to die of exposure. They felt pity and instead gave the baby to a family of forest dwellers near the old family estate.

The fate of her stronger, healthier brother is unknown.

This prompted greater curiosity about Kallius and his mysterious past. They asked the dragon, who said that the magus was ‘made’ and not born, and that he was looking into the situation. Then they cast Blood Biography and determined that he was indeed an elf, and that has entire lineage only went back tow and a half years.

They followed up with the knowledgeable dragon statue about events at that time, and learned that a red dragon named Khallid-Duz had been dispatched by a powerful gnome who crushed it inside its mountainous lair. No body was ever recovered, however. The gnome was named Fizbit, and matched the description of the one our heroes freed from the spider dimension.

This raised alarms to the elf. who suggestion the group abandon their plan of returning to Wytchport, and instead find the gnome before the dragon could put him on trial. They decided the quickest method of doing that would be to use the dragon’s divination chamber, so they set out to do just that.



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