Tempest Rising

Calamari Carnage

Or-- Octopus' Sculpture Garden?

squid_wizard_by_zackattack667-d38b236.jpgBoomah found himself alone with the devilfish sorcerer, and the two squared off. Things looked dire when suddenly the evil leader split into multiple forms, and when the goblin attacked the phantasms exploded in electrical blasts.

The others were moving down to assist him, and were being sniped by a crossbow wielder on the far slide of the slitted wall.

Luix had stayed behind, and was attacked by two devilfish who swam out from their inky cloud. The big warrior stood tall, and finished off the enemies. He then broke through the door he was up against, and gained access to the sniping devilfish.

Saerin had made it through and he and the goblin crashed through exploding phantasms. When they had narrowed down the enemies to one, it did not take long to dispatch him.

The lone defender came face-to-face with Luix, and after seeing the damage he could cause, squeezed through an arrow slit to escape. This brought him in range of the rest of the party, and that did not end well.

With the defenders defeated, our heroes searched the complex. They found a few chambers filled with destroyed furniture and gear, and some ancient items of value. They also found a stairway that led up to the base of the lake. Once they were comfortable that the area had been explored, they returned to the site of the devilfish ambush.

Moving through the last remaining door, they discovered a staircase descending deeper beneath the lakebed. At the base of the stairs stood a door. Beyond the door, they faced some kind of barrier that helps the water at bay.

They pushed through, and discovered that any enchantments placed on them had been dispelled. Without the magic to breath water, forward was the only choice.

The room beyond was epic in scale, its arched ceiling supported by two large statues flanking the doorway. One was a dragon holding an orb and a scroll, its massive wings holding up the rooms’ arches. The other was a human holding a sword and a book, with the towers and battlements behind him serving a similar task. The other points of the octagonal chamber featured statues of an elf, orc, dwarf, lizardfolk, gnoll, hobbit, goblin, and a gnome. Closer inspection revealed the dragon’s scroll contained the words:
The Gods
Are Not
Of Mortal
Reveal the

The man’s scroll was inscribed with:

A large door stood opposite their entry.

Concern about the dangers posed by the chamber, our heroes thoroughly search the area. Behind the epic-scaled human statue they found a small door. A small group led by the ranger spit off to investigate the hallway beyond.



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