Tempest Rising

Here be dragon

Or-- Rolling the bones

0b67c18e64736f2cb3d4de3fd9c26da0--dragon-art-fantasy-creatures.jpgKallius and Boomah were on the ground outside the keep after following the goblin witch’s plummet. They realized that Stormseeker had probably fled her body again, and tore her voodoo poppet to pieces. They heard a corresponding scream atop the wall, and took that as proof.

Meanwhile, Telline had reached the bottom of the tower and had paused in front as of a door, sensing danger. The group gathered and she hid them from the undead before proceeding. The hallway beyond was ankle-deep in bones, and Luix tried to creep forward without disturbing them. He failed, and they erupted into a swirling bonestorm. He was battered, and the others pushed back by winds, but in a few soon dispatched the creature.

In the interim, Boomah had found the most recent body of Stormseeker and blew it up. So all were together when the big northerner smashed down the barred door and came face-to-face with Thraul, a huge black draconic skeleton.

The dragon’s fear washed out of the room, and nearly everyone was shaken by it. Both Kallius and Celeste felt a terrible power clutch at them. Undaunted, Saerin charged and crossed a magical spell barrier that allowed the dragon to lash out with all its natural weaponry. He suffered mightily for his bravery.

Luix and Kallius were quick to join, and Celeste summoned a hound archon to provide flanks. The beast never had a good opportunity to breath fire, but its bite, claws, wings, tail, and crushing body were wreaking havoc on the group. Saerin fell, and Luix was briefly incapacitated, but the healers power flowed freely and kept them in the fray.

Drawn by the violence, the gigantic ooze was spotted coming up the stairs from below. Boomah again tried to check its progress with a trail of flame, but this time it merely slid up the side of the chamber to overcome the flames. It spat out its torrent of slime and bone splinters, adding even more punishment to this battle.

But with four highly trained and spell-enhanced warriors surrounding the dragon, their combined assault finally overcame Thraul’s not insignificant defenses, and the creature was brought low.

Immediately following, all could feel a dark weight being lifted from the area, and the ooze began to bubble and spurt. Huge pustules popped and the bone-flecked slime was dissolving into a noxious cloud of black vapor. Boomah started shoveling treasure into his haversack as the others began to scout exits.



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