Tempest Rising

High stakes

Or-- Flight of the bumblebee

184103105.jpgWith the drone of monstrous bees rising through the trees, our heroes pressed the battle against the shadowy bears. And while their blades bit deeply into the monsters, they seemed to be healing even as the melee went on. Saerin was caught in the middle of this, and only the combined effort of the two healers kept him in the fray.

Slowly the tide was turning, and the bears assault started to lag. Then, several waves of gigantic bees dove in from the treetops to harass the group. They could not stand toe-to-toes with our heroes, but they were many, and they were inflicting damage. One managed to grab hold of Celeste, and began carrying the oracle off.

Fearing they would lose her in the trees, Kallius grabbed Boomah and dimension doored ahead of the fleeing bees. They attacked the escaping bees, and burned the Celeste’s captor, sending her crashing into the canopy. Kallius quickly cast a feather fall, and left her drifting slowly toward the forest floor.

A bee closed on the magus, and then a strange thing occurred. The two seemed to shift slightly out of reality, becoming semi-transparent and moving out of sync with thing around them.

From the magus view, the bee transformed into the familiar shape of the gnome Fizbit. He asked why the group had sought him out, and if they wanted to turn him over to the golden dragon. Kallius claimed that they wanted to find him first, and discover the ‘truth’ before any trial could take place.

The gnome explained that indeed the elf was once the red dragon Khallid-Duz. He was an experiment to see if changing the body might be enough to change the ‘soul’, or if evil creatures were doomed by birth to be evil. Reverting to a more draconic state was an unexpected outcome of the transformation, but the gnome felt that Kallius’ free will was strong enough to continue. With assurances.

The elf was unwilling to risk the volatility of reincarnation, so only reverting to a dragon state remained. He was warned that this change was permanent, and would involve a host of problems. Not the least of which would be his size and inspiring terror (and possible destruction) wherever he went. Fizbit also required that Kallius’ allies carry a means of bringing him down if his monstrous traits overcame his new personality.

They agreed to continue on their journey to defeat the Gloaming, and that Fizbit would keep Lareth distracted for a time while they completed the task.

This was agreed to, and the die was cast.



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