Tempest Rising

Once more, from the top

Or-- Meddlers on the roof

9aaacfec17b110e5c7345106635b1784.jpegAfter a few minutes of quick preparation, our heroes began their assault.

Once again they shrunk down the healers, and Boomah and Kallius took to the air. As they hurdled down the hillside they noticed that there were three stunted-wing creatures prowled the rooftop. They had hoped that their spells would them from view, but the monsters pierced the veil and pounced on them as soon as they landed.

Not only that, but two of them breathed clouds of acid on the group. Undaunted, our heroes returned the assault on the battle began.

Then, the air exploded in fire and ash. Boomah spotted a female goblin atop the tower and flew off after her. Saerin, Luix, and Kallius squared off against the dragon-tainted festrogs and were holding their own against the beasts.

Up close, Boomah saw that the goblin was not Stormseeker, but was wearing her clothes and holding her fetish poppet. Seeing him closing on her, she leaped off the parapet toward the ground below. He followed, and was surprised not to see a huge black ooze lurking below, In fact, she seemed surprised by that as well.

With the destroys losing ground, the war priest Telline charged forward and smashed through the tower to get down to the main floor. The others followed, and heard the door below smash down as well.

They knew that only a short corridor lay between them and the dragon’s throne room.



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