Tempest Rising

Phaed into darkness

Or -- Is it better to to burn out?

e11b390704257aca9f2b6b40759cfc93-d5qt5l2.jpegOur heroes tallied their remaining resources and began preparations to escape the Omaro compound for there second time. Once again they shrunk the healers, and Boomah and Kallius we’re going to ferry everyone away in the air. But when the exited the cave mouth, the found two floodslain ogres laying in wait. They used their wave powers to slam into the group and sent the Luix tumbling back into the cave.

Seeing a window of opportunity between the undead behemoths, the flyers shot through, narrowly avoiding their bloated fists.

They saw as flock of undead ravens coalescing into a swarm ahead, and Kallius preemptively fireballed the mass before they could pose a threat.

Atop the highest tower of the keep, they spotted Phaed holding Celeste’s former superior by her top-knot over the edge of the parapet. She shouted out that the party should flee, as running away and leaving comrades behind was their specialty. Offended by this challenge, Kallius and Saerin changed course to address this insult.

As they flew close, she lashed out at them with a torrent of unholy flame. And, once they got close, they could see the tower top was a sea of bones. Saerin tucked and dropped, as several poiles of bones rose up and took humanoid form. Phaed continued to taunt them, and tossed spells around while the skeletons held off the warriors. Then, they spotted the giant black ooze coming out of the other cave mouth and moving toward the tower.

Celeste summoned a lantern archon, and it fired holy rays at Phaed. Unconcerned,their former comrade obliterated it with one dark bolt. All while continuing to dangle Telline over the parapet and telling the group to flee before rousing her master.

The skeletons were no match for the concerted attacks of the fighters and the powers of the priests, but they spent precious time fighting them off, while the sorceress cast and the massive ooze inched ever closer.

Again, they decided it was time to escape. Kallius grabbed the ranger and prepared to flee. Unfortunately, they were in range of the ooze’s shower of bone shards, and the the assault incapacitated the magus. The ranger tried to heal him with a wand, but his wounds exceeded its power. Kallius summoned the last of his will to dimension door back to Boomah, who was carrying the now miniature priests.

They brought him back into the light, and once again they looked to escape. Boomah swooped down, and with sovereign glue on his hands grabbed Telline. Phaed refused to let go, so now Boomah had Luix, both healers, the war-priest, and Phaed dangling in midair.

The priests poured their power into healing the war priest and brought her back from the brink of death. Phaed tried to claw at her with a cold unholy touch, but was losing ground to the combined efforts of the healers.

The fought viciously while the goblin struggled to stay aloft. Telline landed a solid kick to sorceress, and she plummeted to the swamp below. Not looking back, our heroes sped off toward safety.



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