Tempest Rising

Stone in Love

Or -- Love on the rocks

14ac42eb95a9b834c564106b35026908.jpgOur heroes had gotten separated, with Luix, Saerin, and Dremahl moving down the side hallway, leaving the others in the central chamber surrounded by statues. They moved through a couple small chambers, and then the floor below them erupted in stony spikes. Even worse, rubbery from the flagstones rose up in a vaguely feminine shapes and attacked.

Even though simply moving caused them damage, the trio fought hard against their stony foes. Luix heavy flail smashed one down, only to have it reform and take up the fight. Meanwhile, Kallius dug out a pouch of void dust he had gotten from the Mephitan priest in Rotterdam. He tossed it at the barrier that held them back, and coil see sparks and shifting currents as the magic was disrupted. Needing little encouragement, Boomah leaped when he did it again, and found himself on the far side of the barrier.

The battle against their rocket adversaries continued, and Saerin realized it might be hopeless. So he rush to the end of the hall un hopes of getting past their defense. Unfortunately, the two stone warriors crumbled and reformed before the door at the passage’s end, blocking his progress. In the end, they chose to quite the field before fighting any more.

In the chamber flanked by the massive statues of a dragon and a man, Kallius and Celeste (with Boomah’s assistance) has decided that each of the carved statements were merely half of the wizard’s credo, and combined them to say “The Gods’ Order Are Not Safeguards Of Mortal Free Will. Knowledge Barriers Overcome Reveal the Divine Power” With this, the dragon statue began to move and orb in its claw sloughed off its stony casing to reveal a gold-banded sphere filled with swirling color.

This appeared to be the item that the dragon Lareth had tasked them with retrieving. But before they could celebrate, a female figure stepped out form within a statue and demanded that our heroes return her husband’s legacy. They did not agree, and lashed out with spells and weapons on the stone woman.

She fled into the stone of the wall, but not before Kallius realized that she was the same woman they had seen a statue of in the mine below Bar Omaro, including the same scaling disfigurement of her skin. One addition was a sash seemingly made of flowing water that wrapped over her shoulder and around her waist.

The entire floor of the chamber suddenly filled with spiky stones, and two now-familiar warrior shapes coalesced from the rubble. Plus, a vortex of living water rose up and rocketed the priest of the floor.

Reunited, except for the goblin trapped beyond the barrier, they took up the fight. They smash away at the stone warriors, but can not seem to get a shot at the maiden herself. Kallius decides to threaten to destroy the collection of Sciao Si’ang’s notes he carries, in an effort to draw her out.

This ploy succeeds, and the maiden with her shield maidens appear around the magus to tear the book from his grasp. Undaunted, he grapples with the stony leader in hopes that hiS allies will arrive in time.

The group rushed to his aid, and focused their energies on her destruction. A booming crack is heard, and the maid crumbles to rubble.



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