PZO8500-CaptainTorius.jpg The sons of Saaris were the first and most numerous of the newcomers. They hail from an archipelago on the western edge of Nuria and their government is a confederation of states stitched together by loose loyalties and nominally under the charge of their First Citizen.

The Draegnean people have long been seafarers and have had to look outward for things they could not produce on their rocky homelands. This has bred a certain mercantile laissez-faire into their culture. If you rob a man of his flour one day, he will never trust you again. But if you convince him that you deal fairly, you may rob him for the rest of his days.

They are a lively and open people, and look at haggling like others look at competitive sport. Many are prone to grand gestures and over-statements, and are just as quick to forgive the over-statements of others.

In general they are slighter than average, with olive skin and hair that ranges from rich brown to raven black and curly. Their traditional mode of dress is quite colorful, and many subgroups such as ship’s crews, connected tradesmen, or people of the same village adopt a unique fashion (like a sash, head-scarf or trouser style) to set themselves apart.

Much of the language, culture and religion of the world of Moonstone was spread by Draegneans over the years. In fact, the common tongue spoken throughout the the region is based on the old Dreagnean language, although many traders also communicate in a semi-secret language known as Prattle. However, they don’t seem to take their position overtly seriously. They are just as quick to make a jibe at one of their gods as they would a man slipping on dung in the street.

They do believe ion the freedom of trade, however, and move quickly to check those who try to restrict it. This, however, does not extend to the trade in intelligent creatures and they find all slavery abhorrent.

Favored Classes: Rogue, Commander, Sorcerer

Complementary Traits: Child of the Streets, Merchant. Seafarer, Cosmopolitan. Wharf Rat


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