E-female.pngAlthough less driven by greed than others , many of the fair folk have made their way to the shores of Hesperean. And a large proportion haven’t gone much further as they are aquatic elves. The warm currents and fantastic coral shoals are an ideal environment for them and their population has flourished. While there are few major elven enclaves — notably along the shores of Mikaelin in the Tortilles — there are many small coastal villages and off-shore encampments. In fact, many port cities and towns have nearby aquatic elven communities living in harmony.

Not all groups have such peaceful relations, however. There are many nomadic groups of aquatic and semi-aquatic elves known as Sargassans that resent the humans attempts at trying to tame the Hesperean wilds. These wild and barbarous travelers roam the sea on large collections of weeds cultivated to provide homes and structure for the group. They believe that the sea provides all they need and rebel against any attempt to ‘civilize’ them. Their hatred for human immigrants is only exceeded by that they hold for sahuagin. The two races are in a constant state of battle over hunting grounds, nesting areas and overall philosophy.

Otherwise, the elves of the Hesperean gather in small groups and live in and around human settlements. The have tried to stay out of the short-lived political struggles of the humans and tried to minimize the impact the new arrivals have on this largely untouched land.

Favored Classes Wizard, Ranger

Complementary Traits: Magical lineage, Seeker of Brightness, Wharf Rat

Alternate Racial Trait
Deep Breath (Ex) Because of aquatic elf blood in its family, can hold its breath for a number of rounds equal to 4 times its Constitution score before it risks drowning. This trait replaces one of the elves other racial traits.


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